What American isolationism means for us


What American isolationism means for us

With President-elect Trump soon to be installed in the White House, policy experts and pundits are left scratching their heads to work out what’s in store for American foreign policy over the next four years. Fears abound America is set to relinquish its role as the world’s policeman, and is about to retreat into a period of isolationism. But with Russia flexing its muscles in the Middle East and on Europe’s borders, a state of neutrality is far from comfortable for Europe’s leaders. Chief Speechwriter to Tony Blair Philip Collins, controversial politician George Galloway, and former Foreign Editor of The Times Bronwen Maddox consider the unpalatable implications a West without the US leading up front.

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      The US isnt going isolationist, it just wants the cheeky EU states to start pulling their weight and paying for their defense. The selfish bigoted xenophobic EU would rather spend its taxpayers money on importing muslims in from the 3rd world rather than than protecting themselves from the threat

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