Trump is America’s Iron leader


Trump is America’s Iron leader

Trump’s resilience at facing off his critics is unparalleled, more than that: he seems to revel in their loathing. By drawing his opponents into his carefully choreographed ‘fog of war’, Peter Divey asks who is the real fool, the President or his detractors?

Trump continues to be underestimated by almost everybody. Bannon is learning this. “Sloppy Steve” will now stick forever. The publication of Fire and Fury is causing a sensation, and it is of course damaging to Brand Trump. But far less than you might suppose. The author is known to be a fantasist and has little real credibility himself. Also, this will only further stiffen the sinews of many who feel that President Trump is under an unprecedented barrage. It is basically just a continuous and unceasing Ad Hominem attack which started against candidate Trump and has intensified since. Even some on the Democratic side are beginning to find it wearing and unedifying. More to the point, Trump’s Presidency is progressing well. It must be knocked down, at any cost, by any means.

Russia Gate is not working, the more Mueller probes the more he sees Clinton and the Democrats staring back at him. So a new tack is needed. Article 4 of the 25th amendment is not a new play but it has been reinvigorated, bolstered by the supposed idiocy and eccentricity in Wolff’s new book. Trump is, literally, a man-child. Psychiatrists are happy to wade in and diagnose President Trump from “a distance”. Indeed, he is clearly unfit and should be removed from office. Back in April a group of psychiatrists in conference at Yale University said the same thing. Never mind that it is unethical and wholly inappropriate and breaches clear professional standards.

It has been said that any member of Congress has “a duty” to express concerns about the Commander-in-Chief’s mental ability. That they may be liable to legal censure indeed, if they do not reach out. The tosh of the desperate. Impeachment does not look any closer unless the mid-term 2018’s go very badly and the “loony” appeal will obviously fail. But it was never expected to succeed. Just more noise and spite to add to the overall weight of President Trump as intolerable, to bring around a misguided voting public. Why can’t they see?

Trump’s ongoing tweets are said to be proof of his insanity. My button is bigger than yours. This reminded people that Trump has control of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, and some did not like it. Trump pinged out another tweet about his mental stability and genius. There has been a left-wing melt down. It is the discussion point far and wide. On radio this morning Pienaar’s Politics mentioned it often and attempted to use Trump himself as a way of either embarrassing guests or forcing them to disclose a revealed situation. It was automatically assumed that everybody would think Trump was nuts or dislike him. All it demonstrated once again was the BBC bias and lack of balance. If it was meant to be comedic it failed dismally.

The tweet about genius and stability has been a total triumph for President Trump. For the next week, month, longer even, the term genius and Trump will be inextricably linked. Everyone is falling for it. It is a well-known psychological ploy. Good publicity or bad, link one characteristic with another often enough and they become fused, permanently. This moment will pass, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune will not pierce President Trump’s armour this time. Trump’s resilience is incredible and he is going to need it as there is no sign of a reduction in the spite and bile fired at him. Almost as if he wants it that way. If you focus on what he says, you miss what he does. Obscured by President Trump’s carefully crafted fog of war. Who is the fool?

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  • Peter Divey
    Peter Divey
    Peter Divey's dormant interest in British and American politics has been reawakened by last year's Brexit referendum result and Trump's ascendency to the White House. In his spare time he enjoys playing chess and has a growing collection of vintage wrist watches.
    • An iron idiot, and nothing more.

      He knows how to strut and how to bellow.

      But he doesn’t know how to think.

    • Tom Burroughes

      Trump plays the media much in the way that Alex Ferguson used to do with his mindgames. Eventually the sports correspondents realised what he was doing. This is already the case with Mourinho today, who is running out of excuses. With Trump, he is still at that stage where it appears much of the media, mostly left-of-centre, just cannot get him out of their heads. He is playing them like a fiddle, and of course his background in fronting WWF wrestling, working on The Apprentice, and other stuff, means he is very good at this. His nicknames stick: Little Marco, Crooked Hillary, etc. Eventually, saner observers of politics will realise what is going on. In the meantime, it is grimly amusing watching the charade.

    • Countrywatch

      For some excellent up to date and in depth analysis of the investigations by Nunes et al into anti Trump activity, apparently by some in the FBI and the DOJ under the Obama administration see The Conservative Tree House website:
      How The FBI and DOJ Intelligence Units Were Weaponized Around Congressional Oversight…Posted on January 8, 2018 by sundance
      A Political Battle Over Dossiers, FISA Warrants and Surveillance, Clouds A Much Bigger Story…
      “….There is a lot of news amid national headlines but there is only one story. Unfortunately, that story is a complex multidimensional matrix of politics, law enforcement corruption, the DC swamp, and vested interests attempting to hide and manipulate facts, ie. The Russian Election/Collusion Story…….

      As many of you are aware we have been chasing and researching the fact-trail of this story for over a year. In my opinion this is the biggest story in our lifetime as it relates to government officials, specifically DOJ and FBI leadership, weaponizing their offices to retain political power for their ideological allies. …….
      Additionally, in the downstream aftermath, there are two political forces facing off amid the aggregate “Russian Election/Collusion Story”. One side is trying to find out the details behind the origin therein; the other side is trying to hide the origin therein. When we look at the reason for hiding the origin of the Russian narrative, we enter the rabbit hole of previous intelligence community activity and their weaponization of government…..”

    • poor defence

      It appears that some commentators (not many) are starting to understand what kind of game President Trump is playing. He is playing the Democratic Party and the msm for fools and they just can’t see it. How is this possible 14 months after he won the election?

    • harrogateandrew

      Trump’s redeeming feature is that he is not very incompetent.It is feature he shares with most of those who can be described as being on the far right. If he or they were a least bit competent they would be far more of a problem but happily they are not. I am not the least worried about Trump & never have been. He is a bit of a laugh & that’s about it.

      • darthangel

        Priceless…a comment about competence that confuses the terms competent and incompetent. Keep it up.

    • Bogbrush

      He kills them, because he treats everything like a business deal. He’s got clarity and he treats opposition as a tool. The more the better. He plays by different rules and his opponents don’t know the rules of this game.

      It’s really fun to watch,

      And I suspect he’s going to amass some serious success. Imagine how they’ll handle it if N Korea pans out ok?

    • Andy

      Totally agree with you. Trump is running rings around the opposition and could turn out to be a very good president indeed – not quite Ronald Reagan but you get the idea. I wish the Tories had as much clue as him because he would run rings around the EU.

      • Bosanova

        Quite. To indulge in a thought experiment: who would you rather have on your side negotiating Brexit – May(be) or Trump?
        I don’t agree with Trump’s zero-sum approach to international Trade, but I feel that somehow if he was in May’s position facing the EU he’d understand exactly who was in the driving seat.

      • Peter Divey

        Andy…Trump would have told the EU to take a hike long before now. It will be horrific when he comes to the UK, people are literally going to lose their minds and it will not show the UK in a good light. You are dead right about President Trumps’ potential.

    • LoveMeIamALiberal

      Trump is not an intellectual, may be not truly intelligent but he is super street smart; anyone who has made money in the shark tank that is property development knows how to read people, size up their strengths and weaknesses and ruthlessly exploit them.

      One piece in the Spectator by George Osborne before the presidential elections was telling. Osborne asked Ivanka at some New York party if Trump was rehearsing for the upcoming debates with Hillary. Ivanka said daddy wasn’t doing any rehearsals because he wanted to come across and natural and unscripted, a complete contrast to his opponent. There’s method – and perhaps genius – in his madness.

    • barney mcgrew

      Opening up that meeting of Democratic and Republican senators that he chaired yesterday, to the cameras, was definitely a stroke of genius. Especially after CNN and co were trying to make out he had dementia.

    • Odo Saunders

      Trump was the only politician in the West to stand up for the oppressed people of Iran. Other countries such as France are happy to win export orders from the Mullahs and financially benefit from the blood and tears of the downtrodden Iranian masses. When Trump’s comments were debated in the UN Security Council, France’s rather pompous representative said that the demonstrations did not have implications for international security!! What about Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and the Palestinian territory? On what planet is this clown living?

    • Great Briton

      Apparently he doesn’t like people touching his toothbrush. Proof that he is not fit to be POTUS
      Even the BBC wanted to know about this. Maybe every interview should start with this question.
      Mrs May, do you like people touching your toothbrush?
      If the answer is No, then they should be hounded out of office

      • barney mcgrew

        I’d be more concerned about people asking such stupid questions. I cannot remember ever handling anybody else’s toothbrush any more than you would want to handle someone else’s dentures, for instance. So not wanting someone to touch your toothbrush would be entirely normal, I would have thought. Especially if they had dirty hands.

        • yaosxx

          Surely commentators who dwell on such stupidity and inanity should have their SANITY questioned…?

      • suemary

        I don’t people touching my toothbrush either. So what?

    • rbw152

      The more people try to bring him down, the more I like the guy.

    • Alistair Watson

      Trumps opponents are so intent on examining their own navels they miss the obvious. Trump came to the White House with a tool kit not seen there for generations, he is an experienced business man red in tooth and claw. The political elite cant see this and more importantly do not understand him. The fact that someone who is not a member of their club can be President is an outrage, an outrage I tell you sir. This attitude is a great weakness and Trump is playing it for all its worth. How long will it take his victims to understand he is winding them up, laughter is the sharpest barb.

      • starfish

        “How long will it take his victims to understand he is winding them up”

        The penny doesn’t seem to have dropped yet

    • Jolly Radical

      And now Trump has achieved the unimaginable: he’s drawn the Left out into discussing Oprah Winfrey as the next candidate. He’s revolutionised the rules of play, and he’s tricked the Dems into giving themselves a ‘celebrity’ candidate, ensuring he’s not held to account on details in the debates.

      It is, indeed, a form of genius.

      • Peter Divey

        JR, this demonstrates that the Democrats have absolutely no faith in any “regular” candidate defeating Trump. If you can’t beat them, join them. But who could they choose?…Fauxcahontas? or “independent” Bernie. Their options are grim.

    • starfish

      Spot on

      I’ve been saying this for ages – nobody seems to listen!

      Scott Adams agrees – have you read his blog?

      The Trump detractors are still fighting the last war, they don’t realise they lost it, meanwhile Trump is two or three steps ahead

      He has already achieved more with North Korea than Obama did in 8 years

      • Peter Divey

        Starfish…I have not read Scott Adams’ blog, but i will now investigate that. I hope Oprah decides to run, that will be fun. Who has more skeletons in the closet? Trump is working his way through Obama’s “body of work” steadily, quite a lot to unpick and stabilise. The mid-terms may not go so well…

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