The Europhile spectre haunts the Brexit process


The Europhile spectre haunts the Brexit process

The re-emergence of the Europhile rebels reminds us why we need Brexit, writes Peter Divey

Clarke, Adonis and Clegg had a good laugh at the British people’s expense, given special access to Barnier’s inner sanctum. The self named “rebels” lapped up every moment of the opportunity as they were gleefully pulled into Barnier’s “open” door. Arch Europhiles who could have had only one united message and intent, to undermine Brexit in any way that they possibly could.

They would have stiffened the EU’s sinews, purring contentedly about the glories and achievements of Project EU. All back slapping and chardonnay supping. Then the horror of Brexit would have been visited, the vote by the uneducated, the tragedy of Britain’s greatest folly. But all is not lost, the tide is turning, stand firm and Britain will crumble. Delay, stall, frustrate and wait for Labour to administer the Brexit coup-de grace. There is a winning plan. Time to open the champagne to celebrate a meeting well spent.

These three, of no consequence, without mandate other than to be rebels, delighted in weakening the UK and thumbing their noses at the Leave voters. Barnier has never agreed an audience more quickly. And what response from Her Majesty’s official Government? Nothing, nada, zilch. Almost as if it was supported. But other voices were heard, and rightly disgruntled too, calling out the awful optics. Barnier and the “rebels” knew exactly how it looked, what would be said, what the reaction would be. They milked it. But they have underestimated the anger, misjudged the benefit. What tips, tactics, strategy, even secrets were shared both ways? This is a weakness, a grave concern to the UK, an irresistible point of pressure. You would hope no such thing was coaxed from the three fawning quislings.

My antithesis and scorn for the EU only grows. Devious to the last. The “rebels” are beneath my contempt. Nothing has made me angrier. Nothing has made me more certain or determined. Vive la Brexit!


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  • Peter Divey
    Peter Divey
    Peter Divey's dormant interest in British and American politics has been reawakened by last year's Brexit referendum result and Trump's ascendency to the White House. In his spare time he enjoys playing chess and has a growing collection of vintage wrist watches.
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