August 11, 2017

The emergence of Moggmania

The emergence of Moggmania

‘Moggmentum’ is turning into ‘Moggmania’ as Jacob Rees-Mogg’s star rises fast. But what is behind his rise to fame?

“I’m a man of the people. Vox populi, vox dei.” That was the response given by Jacob Rees-Mogg when asked by Andrew Neil what class the now Member of Parliament for North-East Somerset saw himself as. It certainly seems as if some people think Jacob can articulate their voice. With numerous campaigns, such as ‘Ready for Mogg’, championing the idea he can be our next Prime Minister, Jacob has sparked – as some have called it – ‘Moggmentum’.

These campaigns have become so popular that Ross Atkinson got a tattoo to show his devotion to the cause. But it’s not just Ross that seems besotted with ‘the Mogg’. In ConservativeHome’s latest poll of Conservative Party Members, Jacob Rees-Mogg came second to David Davis when it came to who the party membership would like to be the next leader of the party after Theresa May. It was remarkable given that Jacob wasn’t initially listed as a contender and so voters had to write his name in specially.

But how?

As someone who is Eton and Oxford educated, with asset management and hedge fund experience, Jacob has a background that many have come to despise in the wake of the financial crisis and the spineless jellies that studied PPE and law at Oxford and – somehow – become leaders of this great land.

I might guess that, like Boris Johnson, Jacob would point out that he did not read PPE, rather History (though Boris read Classics). Maybe this is why he recognises that the history and the principles of the people of England have been hard fought for (from Magna Carta onwards) and are worth protecting.

This view has certainly been seen in his Parliamentary career as he invoked the spirit of Shakespeare’s Henry V when calling on the then Prime Minister to “stiffen the sinews and summon up the blood” when negotiating with other European leaders on the failed renegotiation package that David Cameron eventually brought back.

He does though have more than just a knowledge of history. One reason why he is so liked is because he doesn’t appear to be anything that he is not. There is no pretence. This is a trait that is associated with very few politicians but is something that people respect. In an age when some politicians are all things to all men, you know where you stand with Jacob Rees-Mogg.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Even if you don’t share the same opinion, he is still one of the most charming people that you will meet in politics. This is well known with regards to the number of television and Youtube appearances he has made with the Labour MP, Jess Phillips. However, it is not just for camera as he is as courteous and considerate in private as he is in public. Whether it be in the Members’ Tea Room in Parliament or out on the streets of Somerset, he treats people with respect. This is something that David Oldroyd-Bolt, a journalist writing for the Spectator, found out when he wrote an article in the Spectator Magazine about Rees-Mogg’s wealth. Jacob sent David a text message soon afterwards thanking him for his work – even if he might not have liked everything that he read in the article.

It is a rare thing in politics that such charm and courtesy is as genuine and pronounced as it is with Mr Rees-Mogg. But he is more than just that. His principles, knowledge and oratorical skills have won him respect in the House of Commons and, given that he also is someone who can claim to “speak for England” (and certainly Somerset), on the main issue of the day – Brexit – he has won support across the country.

If the phrase wasn’t now synonymous with a certain character from the show Veep, I would have said Jacob is the ‘outsider’s insider’. He has the class, charisma, courage and conviction that might be seen as rare in modern day British politics, but is something that the public – especially the Conservative membership – support.

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Rory Broomfield
Rory Broomfield
Rory Broomfield is Director of The Freedom Association and the Better Off Out campaign. He is an authority on the EU and has written a number of books including his latest, co-authored with Iain Murray, Cutting the Gordian Knot: A Roadmap for British Exit from the European Union. He has previously worked in the City of London and in Westminster for a number of Members of Parliament, including the current Prime Minister, Theresa May; the current Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Graham Brady; and Sir Richard Shepherd.
  • Slimy Chucklebutti

    Look we all know that Jacob has got what it takes but is he any good at judging other people?
    The big problem with Margaret was that she employed some real turkeys, Heseltine to name but one.
    JRM needs a superlative team and he’s got to be ruthless with the dross.

  • Big Les

    Wot? Sorry, but your post, as currently appears, is almost unintelligible. Have you inadvertantly cut&pasted parts of your original text in the wrong places?

  • getahead

    Liked his Dad too.

  • getahead

    So how come we ended up with that charlatan Cameron? And now Theresa Wet Lettuce? People of no particular political convictions. Who chooses these people?

  • ratcatcher11

    The working class Brexit voters who would vote Labour normally, also recognise the Mogg as a decent man who does speak for everyone and they respect his opinions and his intelligent oratory support for their cause. He would be a true uniting within Britain for both Labour and Conservative voters because he is a real Conservative in a conservative country. Why is he not on the Brexit team is it because he is too able and a cut above the current dross?

  • The Banana

    Tory Corbyn. People like Corbs not because they are communists but because he seems like an honest bloke with good intentions in his heart.

    Unlike Corbyn I think the Mogg’s views are much more likely to deliver good results than reheated socialism, though..!

  • Ravenscar

    JRM has a calm, collected gravitas and that is something which sets him apart. In stark contrast to, Bliar was a practised speaker, his pauses clever and manipulative, apposite and conversely compare that bilge rat with, a man who expounds the truth and only the truth. Through and bliar was, is, exposed for the charlatan which he undoubtedly is.
    Metaphorically speaking – hey natch! bliar needs smiting, I hope at some future point in time, England’s Archangel will turn his mind to moving the swordhand and deign to oblige the nation.

  • Sgt_Bilko

    When thinking about politicians and conviction, one generally imagines rent boys or expense scams, so Moggie is indeed a welcome exception in public life.

  • Hackney Hal

    It is also part of his appeal that he is not in the government and so is less constrained both in what he can say and in what baggage he carries with him. Has he ever been offered a ministerial post ? If he has why did he turn it down – if he hasn’t why not ?

  • Dr Evil

    Wow. Read these comments. Amazing stuff. So all I can say is “what everyone else said I concur with”. Also he comes across as genuine as in what you read on the tin is what you get. How refreshing. Reminds me of that film where the advertising exec decides to just tell the truth. Now here is a politician who seems to do that too. Which is why he has floated to the top above the also rans.

  • Dynamo11

    Above all he is a proper Conservative in the Baldwinian fashion. He is for the free market but a well regulated one, he is for limited state and a transfer of powers back to the local theatre and most crucially he seems to understand how to get young people to support the Tories

  • Tiredofeulies

    J R-M is delightfully patrician, a true patriot , utterly charming and highly intelligent.

    Pray tell….what’s not to like ?

  • springmellon

    His popularity is simple.

    He is calm, logical, intelligent and well informed.

    He has a clear and consistent political philosophy that is recognisably traditional conservatism – small state, low taxes, law and order, individual liberty, personal responsibility and public duty.

    He is articulate, an excellent debater and public orator and has a good sense of humour,Very Importantly, he is decent and and highly moral family man who is always unfailingly polite and courteous.

  • Andrew Mitchell

    JRM is as rare as rocking horse crap in politics these days, he’s a man that believes in this country, is respectful, knowledgeable, polite and the man has wit, I remember when on question time Dimbles tried to have a dig at him for going to Eaton, his reply was brilliant and off the cuff, Dimbles said “was that when you attended the top school Eaton? Mogg replied ” yes, you’ll remember because I was there with your son!” Even Dimbles was laughing! Most of all though, I love the fact that he doesn’t try to please all the people all the time, never says something just because that’s what people want to hear, and thinks this country’s best days are ahead of us not behind us, he’d make a great PM and it amazes me the Tory’s haven’t even got him in the cabinet, what a waste of talent, perhaps their too scared that if he does get a cabinet job he’ll make them look lazy and useless?

  • janetjH

    The British voters like genuine “conviction” politicians, even if they don’t particularly like their policies.

  • Vera

    Rees Mogg gives Mrs May as PM his full support, unlike Heseltine gave to Thatcher. Another attribute – he is honourable and has integrity.

  • Thomas Katz

    Jacob Rees-Mogg has a resonance of that, that was British.

    Maybe he has touched the soul of us indigenous British, that can recall life before the Liberal Elite (led by Blair) insisted the Worlds detritus must live among us, to be funded by us, to erode all our decent values, to despoil and rape our children, and to force us to eat savagely slaughtered Halal meat!

  • Vera

    Not only do we trust what he says we know we can trust his judgement and knowledge. Although I’ve wanted out of the EU for 20 years or more, it feels great to have my view confirmed by someone who I trust and who I know ‘knows his stuff’. No dodgy waffler he!

  • Treoes

    A good article, but to be a little picky Jacob Rees-Mogg represents the North Somerset constituency, which confusingly is not actually in Somerset. Somerset has 5 constituencies, Bridwater and West Somerset, Somerton and Frome, Taunton Deane, Wells and Yeovil all of them currently represented by Conservatives. I hope I have come close to Rees-Mogg’s attention to detail.

  • Felt

    Dismay is still awol and her senior colleagues are either silent or at odds on almost every major issue of the day, giving the scarecrow free reign to spill his daily bile and lies without opposition. The Moggster stands head and shoulders above the current level of incompetence being displayed by the party. The one important additional attribute you fail to mention – he is a ‘proper Tory’, not a mediocre career politician.

  • Widggget

    Totally agree. There are very few MPs that you can take at face value, but JRM is one.

    I believe that part of Corbyn’s attraction to the young is his apparent sincerity, except that he spouts complete claptrap, even if he believes it.

    JRM has the background to lead the Conservatives, even if he has never held a ministerial position – neither had Cameron.

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man!

  • Bogbrush

    As a result of his authenticity he is consistent and coherent. His views are well thought through and if he’s ever caught out it will be on evidence, not by self contradiction.

    People like thesecqualities even if they differ. It’s like a Tony Benn said, there are signposts and weather cocks, and though he disagreed with her profoundly he judged Mrs Thatcher to be the former. We can imagine where he put Tony Blair.

    Mogg is a signpost. His recent Question Time appearance was a case in point and the response to his views on public sector pay were revelatory, in particular in response to his application of any funds to housing rather than higher public sector pay.

  • Jack Jim Jones

    You nailed it when you wrote about trying to appear to be something he is not. This is why I respect him. I don’t care about his “class” or background really. I actually don’t want to see him as a Minister or running for PM. I think he’s very effective on the back benches. Once he’s in government he’s not able to speak his mind.

  • grumpyashell

    Basically he actually believes what he saying and will act on it,unlike other politicians who have little belief and will say anything keep their position

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