February 15, 2017

Post-EU, the world is our oyster

Post-EU, the world is our oyster

The queue of countries offering us a trade deal shows how misguided the ‘Remain’ campaign’s ‘Project Fear’ really was. Free from the shackles of the EU, the world is our oyster, argues Matthew Ellery.

‘Pulling up the drawbridge’ was the metaphor used by ‘remainers’ throughout the EU Referendum campaign. They argued an independent United Kingdom would be isolated on the global stage. This claim was dubious at the time, and over the last seven months proven even more so.

Countries have been queuing up to initiate trade negotiations with the UK since the Brexit vote. They can see what Remainers cannot: the opportunities Brexit has thrown up. An opportunity for the UK to become a world leader in trade, signing trade deals with countries throughout the globe, and providing more jobs for the UK and our trading partners.

Since the election of US President Donald Trump, an Anglo-American trade deal has been the clearest signal of the opportunities available to our post-Brexit nation. Trump and Theresa May are both shouting from the rooftops about our ‘special relationship’ and a future trade deal. Anthony Scaramucci – an advisor to President Trump – has even suggested the deal could be agreed within 12 months. 

The Commonwealth also seems very keen to negotiate deals with Britain. Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore and Sri Lanka are all expressing their intentions.

Britain’s historic partner Australia has been particularly optimistic. Australia’s High Commissioner, Alexander Downer, claims it is possible for the UK and Australia to agree a deal soon after Britain leaves the EU. Perhaps more strikingly, the former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, has made a passionate case for a comprehensive trade deal in his foreword to a recent report by the Free Enterprise Group.

Australia’s close neighbour, New Zealand, has already made representations via its Prime Minster, Bill English, when he visited the UK and made his intentions clear. Following a meeting with Theresa May he spoke of his wish to see a ‘high quality’ Free Trade Agreement which would be negotiated ‘as soon as possible’.

Another Commonwealth country, Canada, has been in touch. Canada’s Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, has recently spoken of the ‘affinity’ between the UK and Canada. He spoke about the importance of a trade deal, and was optimistic about negotiating one. 

South African trade minister Rob Davies is even calling for negotiations to begin as soon as possible. This will possibly draw the ire of Brussels, who claim EU law forbids UK trade negotiations with non-EU countries pre-Brexit. It is important to note however, this is heavily disputed. Many argue EU law simply forbids the implementation of any agreement, rather than the negotiation itself.

In 2015 former Chancellor, George Osborne famously hailed a ‘golden decade’ in UK-China relations. He was unable to fulfil his dreams, but an independent Britain might. In the Prime Minister’s recent Lancaster House speech, Theresa May said China had already expressed an intention to negotiate a trade deal. Something Osborne was prohibited from doing under EU rules.

South America’s Mercosur bloc consists of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. Striking a free trade deal with Mercosur would give the UK preferential access to all of these markets. And positive noises are already coming from South American countries about a deal.

And other Latin American countries don’t want to be left out. Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos recently had a state visit to the UK with Theresa May. He argued for a more comprehensive trade deal between the UK and Colombia than the current EU-Colombia deal. Mexico has gone even further. Luis Videgaray, Mexico’s Finance Minister, has announced that Mexico has already drafted a UK trade deal to be ratified after the UK formally leaves the EU.

Omar Bahlaiwa, the Secretary General of the Saudi Committee for International Trade, has recently outlined the approach of the Gulf States in an article for City AM. He wrote ‘As Britain’s departure from the European Union draws closer, concern over the country’s economic prosperity is mounting. It shouldn’t. Britain has long-standing allies in the Gulf who will work hard to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement that benefits all.’

Closer to home Switzerland – a European country outside the EU – also wants a trade deal to become effective the moment Brexit occurs. Johann Schneider-Ammann, Switzerland’s Economy Minister, said ‘my objective is clear. Not one day should pass after Britain’s exit (from the EU) without new regulations in place. 

Let’s not forget the EU either. We are of course leaving the EU, but this does not mean we will stop trading with its Member States. The Government’s position is now clear; it wants access to the Single Market through a free trade deal, but not membership of it. Having access allows the UK to have control over its laws, borders and money – membership does not. 

And it doesn’t end there. Many other countries around the world, such as Chile, Iceland, Norway, Peru and Thailand, to name just a few, have also expressed intentions to sign free trade deals with the UK. Three countries – Israel, Turkey and South Korea – have already set up trade taskforces to start negotiating. So, it looks as if there will be few countries not willing to strike trade deals with Brexit Britain.

None of this can be achieved however, until we Get Britain Out of both the EU and its Customs Union. While we are still members of the EU, it has the exclusive right to negotiate trade deals. Therefore, the triggering of Article 50 by the end of March will be the beginning of a ‘Global Britain’ – the world is our oyster.

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Matthew Ellery
Matthew Ellery is a Research Executive at Eurosceptic campaign group Get Britain Out. He joined the campaign in early 2016 after training as a barrister at Cardiff University.
  • Shadow Warrior

    Hammond is continuity Brown. He is a hand-wringing lefty looking for clever wheezes to raise more tax in ways that people don’t immediately notice.

  • captainslugwash

    I predict the Budget will attempt to show the Left how caring the Tories are, and it will be funded by screwing over the working man.
    If Corp Tax comes down, I bet Divi tax will be going up.
    I would love to be wrong.

  • skynine

    We really need to look at tax credits, in particular in work tax credits that encourage people to work part time to preserve the benefits. 45% of women work part time and I would hazard a guess that tax credits are the main cause. This leads to low pay, low skill work in supermarkets and the retail sector including coffee shops. The government needs to get back to the employer paying people to do a job for economic reasons rather than to get onto the tax credit ladder. Like all government benefits it distorts the market and diverts government expenditure into non productive areas.
    The refrain that the government has cut expenditure is not true, it increases every year as more and more goes into welfare.

  • MrVeryAngry

    fat chance

  • MrSauce

    So, when wouldn’t we want a ‘budget for growth’?

  • Rob

    I note that the UK Government has just slapped on a 25% tax charge for anyone moving abroad and wishing to move out their private pension from the UK.

  • SonofBoudica

    The Remoaners will do their utmost to sabotage the Government’s negotiating position. They do not want a successful outcome; they want a failure. They want to be able to scream “Told you so!” from the rooftops.

  • EnglandLaments

    Thank goodness for Andrew Neil, the one media hack who scares the pants off the established politicians. He was spot on with Heidi Allen!

  • joshuafalken

    I had a very long, hard, studied and considered look at the hope, care and aspirations of all Europeans, before I voted to get the UK out of the toxic grasp of Brussels.

    The European Union and it’s charge of “ever closer union” has borrowed and spent its way to oblivion, whilst enslaving the working and middle classes in debt.

    The central control mantra of the unaccountable Brussels ruling elite, delivered through a mixture of socialism, globalism and corporatism is entirely responsible for the populist revolt by the millions of “Just About Managings” across Europe.

    We must remember the ultimate goal of socialists, globalists and corporatists is control, not prosperity. see https://mises.org/blog/goal-socialists-socialism-—-not-prosperity.

    Social equality and economic growth always fail under central control and fighting against the Brussels doctrine on behalf of all Europeans is why I voted for Brexit.

    Britain has a long history of helping Europeans depose tyrants and Brussels is just the latest incarnation.

    Britain is the most racially advanced and accepting society on the planet. We welcome those in need and those that can help us with open arms and a smile; that will not change.

    We are also one of the most innovative, talented and open societies in the world, which why everyone wants to live here. However, we cannot fit everyone in, so we have to have clear, balanced and fair immigration policy which is where the arguments start between the monetarists and humanists will never be reconciled.

    I thought long and hard before coming to the conclusion that leaving the EU was in the best interest of all Europeans, as Brussels is toxic and cannot be reformed from within.

    Also, I find it insulting that people who voted Remain have insufficient faith in British ingenuity, compassion and skill to get a good deal for us and see the Europe that we love get a better deal from Brussels and the reform that European people deserve. https://mishtalk.com/2017/03/29/bad-brexit-deal-better-than-no-deal-mathematical-idiocy-odds-of-no-deal/ and https://www.worldheadlines.info/2017/03/after-brexit-9-reasons-to-be-bullish-on-great-britain/

    The politics of left verses right are dead because neither have delivered the promised economic growth and social mobility for anyone, but themselves. The populists are not selfish per-se, they just want to take back control of their own destiny that left/right politicians have freely given away and/or exploited for their own ends. In my constituency, the local residents group are taking over the councils as politicians ignore voters, so Westminster should beware of the well-organised, local resident independents at the next election. This is a peoples revolution which should be shouted from the rooftops, but liberals remained deafened by the socialist, globalist and corporatist “vested interests” that have spectacularly failed us and are obediently crying foul and fake.

    There will be an initial unpalatable inflationary cost to fighting globalism and rolling back central control that few appear to have factored in, but dismantling failed left/right vested interests should eventually free libertarian socially-conservative capitalism from the shackles of TBTF corporatism to feed economic growth and social mobility.

  • agdpa

    The EU usually makes the wrong decision – on immigration, on freedom of movement, on the euro, on the Ukraine, etc. etc. Little hope it will get Brexit right.

  • brownowl

    Eh? Reference please!

  • Neil2

    Sod caring. Screw the spongers and breeders. Kill HS2. Stop all “green” subsidies. Slash “foreign aid” and walk away from the EUSSR with immediate effect.

  • Rob
  • John C

    What a confused article. It conflates surveillance by the security services with poor defences against fraud.

  • John C

    Err, it’s the UK that’s leaving the EU, not vice versa.

  • John C

    Me, now. ‘Growth’ is a manic obsession.

  • La Face Nord

    Mr Redwood – are you aware of the Biased BBC website? It’s been exposing their agenda for a long time, but I imagine you’ve been well aware of the BBC’s agenda for quite some time…

  • Contact Rvtech

    The post is great

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