Osborne’s in denial


Osborne’s in denial

Rory Broomfield says that since last year’s EU Referendum, there has been good news in abundance, but try telling that to George Osborne and co. 

Things happen in life that we might not like. We have to deal with them and move on. However, there are some events in life that people feel unable to let go. It seems that, to much of the press, Brexit is that issue.

Yesterday the ONS announced that UK unemployment has dropped to 1.49 million – its lowest level since 1975, the year of the referendum to remain in the European Economic Community. Did we see a flow of headlines showing the good news from our friends at The Guardian, etc? No. It wasn’t even mentioned on The Independent’s website.

Yet, it wasn’t just that some newspapers wished to ignore the good news. Others wished to play up negatives. This included the London Evening Standard, the newspaper edited by the former Chancellor and proponent of ‘Project Fear’, George Osborne.

Instead of promoting the positives of more economic opportunities for people since the EU Referendum, George Osborne’s editorial and newspaper could only dwell on the negative. So, despite the national picture showing a decrease in unemployment – and increasing employment – and a regional scene showing that there is an unemployment rate of just 1.2 per cent in London, the Evening Standard ran with a headline of “‘Brexit Squeeze’ tightens as family budgets and wage rises lag behind inflation”.

It is interesting that this line is taken in a newspaper edited by George Osborne as, illustrated by figure one in these ONS figures, real wages fell overall during his time as Chancellor (May 2010-July 2016) and were above the level that he inherited when appointed Chancellor for only six months out of the 70+ he served in the Treasury. This meant that over 90 per cent of the time from May 2010 to July 2016, real wages were below pre-Osborne levels.

This effort to distort, ignore or bury good news is so that these individuals, newspapers and broadcasters can continue their relentless fight to defy the decision made last year in the EU referendum.

It is not just the London Evening Standard, however. Others such as the BBC have been criticised recently by Members of Parliament for their coverage of the Brexit issue post-Referendum. Broadcasters, newspapers and magazines such as the BBC, Guardian, Independent, Economist, FT and Evening Standard have all displayed contempt for Brexit and the positives that have been seen since the referendum. There is also a low-rent magazine called The New European, of which Alistair Campbell is Editor-at-Large, which also fits into this category.

However, it’s particularly interesting how George Osborne seems so wedded to his mantra of ‘Project Fear’. Since Theresa May became Prime Minister, and he lost his job as Chancellor, the man has become embittered towards the country’s economic prosperity. By ignoring the positive news over yesterday’s figures, the Standard is doing his readership a disservice. Osborne really needs to get a grasp of reality.

Since Brexit the economy has continued to grow, unemployment has decreased and foreign direct investment is continuing to come into the UK. That, alongside so many other positives, has been lost on much of the media. These organisations may, in time, regret their approach. People have a choice over what media they consume in the UK and they may just choose to consume their news via an alternative news outlet. The message to Osborne and co is simple. I hope they change their approach.

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  • Rory Broomfield
    Rory Broomfield
    Rory Broomfield is Director of The Freedom Association and the Better Off Out campaign. He is an authority on the EU and has written a number of books including his latest, co-authored with Iain Murray, Cutting the Gordian Knot: A Roadmap for British Exit from the European Union. He has previously worked in the City of London and in Westminster for a number of Members of Parliament, including the current Prime Minister, Theresa May; the current Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Graham Brady; and Sir Richard Shepherd.
    • gray cooper

      Osborne has lost my support or vote to the misnamed Conservative brand due to his perpetuating Labour’s tobacco tax escalator, funding fake heath quangos from tax, plain packaging and cigarette cover up. No help for political brands as they are unfit for purpose. Political brands pay the price for ex-politicians mistakes.

    • Gordon Stewart

      Its because its just another Gov. sponsored racket

    • Slimy Chucklebutti

      I read the ES online occasionally but god forbid that I would ever give it money.

    • thumper_the_rabbit

      Osborne has always been a nasty, manipulative, vindictive and greedy piece of work. He won’t change.

    • SonofBoudica

      It was once said of General Douglas MacArthur that he would rather win a battle and the USA lose the War (WW2) than the other way around. George Osborne reminded me of this recently.

    • DespiteBrexit

      He’s just a vindictive little tosser. He was always a sh t to his colleagues, making them go out to defend the indefensible then u-turning and leaving them to feel foolish.

    • Ben Ones

      I get the standard for free when I pop into my local supermarket, I never read it. I only use it to line the food waste bins. That’s all it’s good for. Anyway the standard being a London metroplitan liberal elite type paper won’t affect the vast majority of Brexit voting England and Wales. Seriously George doesn’t seem to learn from experience maybe he likes several “punishment beatings”.

    • Mojo

      There is much treachery throughout the media and parliament. The country has come to terms with Brexit. Leavers have not changed their minds and will not change their minds. Remainers on the whole respect democracy, already see the benefits on the horizon and want us to get on with negotiations.

      However, it is the parliamentarians who are doing a dreadful disservice to their electorate. We have the Labour Party salivating for power to such an extent they choose to get into bed with the SNP and visit Brussels, who will manipulate them to create a conducive environment to benefit EU. A grown up Mr Corbyn would have set up meetings with Theresa May and worked with the government on solidarity. The BBC should be getting behind those who pay their salaries, which one way or another is mainly the taxpayer. Until these people look in the mirror and see their black hearts, this government is going to have a difficult time.

      On top of this unpatriotic behaviour we have many in the Tory Party determined to destroy any chances they have of staying in power after 2022. Mr May will see Brexit through. She has the support of David Davis and the loyal Brexiteers. It is a pity she doesn’t appreciate them more. Her fairweather friends, the Remainers, will be the very people who destroy her in the end.

    • cambridgeelephant

      Osborne’s whole approach is contemptible. He quite clearly – although he is far too cowardly to say it – wishes ill and failure on this country and it’s people.

      In turn, many reciprocate the sentiment to him.

    • Frank

      How the owner of the Evening Standard got through the British money-laundering process before buying the newspaper is curious and probably worth investigating.
      How George Osborne’s current behaviour is baffling and it shows the man for who and what he is.
      In another era he would have been put against the nearest wall!

    • obbo12

      Osborne isn’t in denial, he is in the Thames.

      • thumper_the_rabbit

        Boom-boom …

    • Pat

      If unemployment stays low then we can expect wages and productivity to grow soon.
      Something else to moan about!

    • Tommein

      Someone please explain to me why we are still having to fund the BBC under threat of criminal conviction in 2017 when there is so much choice in the marketplace?
      Why are politicians so terrified of giving people the choice of how they spend their own hard earned/tax paid money?

    • Felt

      Osmoan is only interested in one person – Osmoan. He has been proven wrong on everything he has ever been involved in. He has an ego larger than his limited ability, and a blindness that is reserved for the truly arrogant. Good job for him he is supported by most people’s enemy’s, the Bilderbergers. If he wasn’t, he might find himself hanging his own wallpaper – and almost certainly making a mess of that too. Awful, conceited man with a history that makes him unsuitable for any public office.I can’t say what I really think about this horrible little man, but you get the picture.

    • DEvans

      It troubles me that large corporations are prepared to pay this oik vast sums for advice. His time as chancellor is hardly a shining example of economic stability and prudent advance..His legacy in office is akin to Brown the bullion salesmans. Debt, debt and more debt.

    • Debs

      Its a free sheet. If it wasn’t he would have to change his tune or it would close. Agree that Osborne is embittered and wanting revenge. Doesnt care about Britain at all, but why should he ,he is wealthy and therefore has choices he would deny the rest of us.

      I already boycott the BBC in its entirety although I have to pay the rotten BBC telly tax as do many others these days with Sky and LBC getting just as bad,
      I mainly get my news from a variety of internet sites and the Parliament channel.

      • DaviddeAngelis

        BBC won;t give a fig about boycotts. It’s your money they want. Their viewing figures have been declining for 20 years.

      • MrVeryAngry

        Well, being a ‘free sheet’ is very apt. Because nothing is ‘free’. Free means paid for by someone else. Like the economic numpty, but personally very successful for his own benefit, that edits it. And in accordance with the debunked Keynesian economics on which his great long term plan was based, that is spending money he’d just printed (remember the spending that was going to drive the norther powerhouse) which failed.

      • EppingBlogger

        Most of them end up discarded oin the tube trains and cleared up at terminus stations at great expense.

    • grumpyashell

      He is just arrogant,thinks because he has money,been to Eton,University etc that he knows it all……problem is,and he will not admit this…..he was wrong with project fear,wrong on the recession coming after the referendum,wring on job loses……just wrong.

      • Greenslime

        Agree with your sentiment but he didn’t go to Eton

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