Only a radical reshuffle can save the Tories now


Only a radical reshuffle can save the Tories now

A reshuffle would inject competence and inspiration into this floundering Government, writes Peter Bingle. 

Has there ever been a more incompetent or useless government? The short answer to that is no. And yet the alternative, a Marxist government led by people who have no loyalty to those institutions and issues which we cherish, is so terrifying that most sensible people hope that the PM can somehow turn things around.

We live in times when mediocrity rules the day. The calibre of most senior ministers is just so low. Little wonder that most voters no longer care about what happens on the Body Politic. The parliamentary Tory Party is for the most part a joke.

The current scandal engulfing Westminster was always going to happen. Too many MPs and Peers have behaved badly for too long. Yet many of those who are condemning the behaviour of our elected politicians should look in the mirror and examine their own consciences. He who has sinned should not cast stones. There are many sinners in the Lobby. Hypocrisy is never pleasant.

The opinion polls suggest that although the Tory government resembles life in Rome under Nero, the public have no great desire for Jeremy Corbyn and his politburo to become the government. This provides the Tories with a once in a lifetime opportunity to clear out the Augean Stables and win the day.

Stage one is a populist Budget. The Chancellor must throw caution to the wind and deliver the most popular plans for the nation’s finances since the famous Nigel Lawson Budget.

Stage two is firing the useless Patrick McLoughlin and replacing him with a political heavyweight who can defend the government in the media and rally the troops. Step forward Nicholas Soames.

Stage three is a massive reshuffle. This is a government of duds. There are so many hopeless ministers and Cabinet Ministers. They need to be fired and despatched to the political equivalent of the knackers yard. I could name them but I won’t. We all know who they are.

Stage four is the PM utilising the best and brightest of her troops. Her government needs to include Graham Brady, Jacob Rees Mogg and Anna Soubry. It shouldn’t include hopeless duds.

Stage five is a populist political agenda which offers hope to Tories and potential Tories. No more idiotic pandering to people who will never vote Tory. Time for realpolitik.

Stage six is clearing out of Number 10 anybody who is not best in class. Oh for the days of Andy Coulson.

If this all happens, the Tories will win the next election. Decent people will not vote for nasty Marxists who despise everything decent they stand for and care about.

The PM needs to act now. For all her many weaknesses – she is a political minnow compared to Thatcher – she is preferable in every way to Comrade Corbyn. Will she do so what needs to be done?

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  • Peter Bingle
    Peter Bingle
    Peter is the Founder of Terrapin Communications. With a career in politics and communications that has spanned almost four decades, he is one of the country's leading public affairs practitioners. His career has seen him advise many top companies, including McDonald’s, HSBC, L’Oreal, Permira, Motorola, Camelot, Rolls Royce & Kellogg's.
    • 100

      A simple reshuffle will achieve nothing.
      Only the replacement of May and the removal of ALL of the Remainers in cabinet together with the other weaklings (including the woefully inept David Davis) can save the Tories from political annihilation.
      The longer her removal is put off the higher the probability that this party will be destroyed for decades. We are already well past the 50:50 probability stage.
      Its as if the entire party is paralysed in the headlights.
      May is poison but Graham Brady has also proved himself to be utterly devoid of any backbone. He too needs to be at the sharp end of the boot.
      Time is running out. If nothing is done by Christmas, its over !!

    • fordwych

      May needs to go now,no authority, no leadership, no credibility.

      The party should install DD, without a contest which ,if it ensued, would tear the party apart.

      No one else can fulfill the twin requirements of ;a) uniting the Tories behind a soft Brexit, which, though a long way short of ideal, looks like the only deal available and ;b) defeating Corbyn.

      Otherwise,it looks like the apocalypse-soon.

    • Lumpen Proletariat

      Thank the gods for your article – I was beginning to think I was living in a parallel universe as the MSM seems to be oblivious to all that you mention. Solution – May has to go and be replaced by Boris, the only politician of any shade competent to run a government and take on the EU and our over-mighty civil service.

    • ratcatcher11

      Nicholas Soames, he who described Princess Diana as mad if I remember and so do many others. JRM would be an important addition and bring Nigel Farage into the Brexit negotiating team, he is one of the few who is trusted.

    • A new poster

      Soames, Soubry!!! Surely you are joking

    • brownowl

      I was with you all the way until I read the juxtaposed words “Anna” and Soubry”. Please, don’t insult our intelligence by suggesting this sour, talentless harpy. She has nothing, repeat nothing of value to add the the mix.

    • disqus_KGu5OxIxou

      Great time to bring Fatty Soames on. Then May could prove she was really serious about dealing with misogyny. I’ll read this again later when I need another laugh.

    • disqus_KGu5OxIxou

      So many words to say so little.

    • The Banana

      Fatty Soames? You have to be kidding.

      Legend in his own mind.

      Never mind Amber Dudd.

    • CoolBreeze

      I stopped reading at ”…Soames.” This moron, only slightly smaller than a T. Rex, is an alcoholic, arrogant, vacuous, parasite.

      • 100

        and a remoaner
        A truly vile specimen

      • Landphil

        And wardrobe.

    • Ben Ones

      A radical reshuffle, does that include Theresa May ?

    • fred finger

      The ultimate reshuffle; Lord Sugar on radio this morning suggested May should have let Corbyn in to do the negotiations. They are an impossibility to meet the voters expectations, then in 4 years time come back to pick up the mess left by Corbyn. From a Machiavellian point of view I see the logic. But even in my darkest moments I could not postulate what the UK would be like after 4 years of Milne (Sock puppeting Corbyn and McDonnell).

    • abragan

      “Her government needs to include Graham Brady, Jacob Rees Mogg and Anna Soubry. It shouldn’t include hopeless duds.”

      Nominates who should be included, and then gives reason why they shouldn’t be included – all within two sentences

    • Mojo

      No Mrs May will not do what needs to be done precisely because she is a minnow. She has Jeremy Heywood and Gavin Barwell at her back. Both minnows. Both Westminster echo chambers. She has Damien Green who would still vote Remain so his heart isn’tin our future.

      As for Anna Soubry!!!!! She was never anything but a whinger. She has not achieved anything of substance. She is a second rate lawyer and the one thing Parliament needs to get rid of is the plethora of second rate lawyers.

      Yes bring Graham Brady and JRM in to Government. Penny Mordaunt, Souella Fernandez need to be there too. But we also need big beasts like John Redwood and Bill Cash bought back. She would also do well to create a role for the likes of Frank Field and Kate Hooey. And she needs to look at some of the very talented 2015 intake.

    • Wrythe Pudding

      Thanks as usual Mr Bingle for another dollop of comedy gold, albeit you still probably reckon it’s sound advice in the same way that you still think you did a good job for any of those multi-million-companies that wasted some of their pocket money on your alleged PR-skills.

      For those that don’t follow Mr Bingle’s tripe so closely, this is the bloke who wrote on this very site as recently as 4th October 2017 (yes, just 36 days ago !!) the following steaming pile …

      “The PM’s credibility is in tatters, Who should replace her? The answer is simple and hopefully very obvious. Sir Michael Fallon …”

      Just over 5 weeks later, how would you describe your credibility Mr Bingle ? !!

      I suspect it’s the only credibility even tattier than that of the hopeless Mrs May.

    • Jolly Radical

      And of course May will do none of these things, for the simple reason that she is not (and never has been) a genuine conservative.

      You can’t ask a donkey to play the violin. Especially when it’s happy being a donkey and has an instinctive suspicion of stringed instruments in general.

    • ale bro

      the fact that the lobby behave badly does not excuse the bad behaviour of MPs. MPs are supposed to honourable and wear that epithet with pride, but no such accusation has ever been laid at the feet of journalists.

    • Sgt_Bilko

      Anna Soubry???? The tower of London would seem like a more appropriate destination for the old whinge bag.

      • Philip Meikle

        Anna Soubry….really…. i worry more when options like her are put forward as even being credible!

      • Stuart Fairney


    • Too much handwaving here. What exactly is a populist budget? Who do you think are the duds? If you’re not going to name names then what’s the point of this article? It doesn’t say anything more than ‘The Tories need to do things that are better.’

      And what gives you any reason to think that May is capable of doing any of this anyway? Or is in any position to do so, even if she wanted to?

      Oh, and Anna Soubry should be expelled from the party, not promoted.

    • grumpyashell

      Anna Soubry….you must have a warped sense of humour !

      • Felt

        As soon as Sour was mentioned as one of the brightest, I knew the article carried little weight.

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