Mogg for PM!


Mogg for PM!

G7R925 Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg gives his reaction to the EU Referendum result.

Sam Frost, co-founder of the ‘Ready for Rees-Mogg’ campaign, claims it’s difficult to see why Jacob Rees-Mogg shouldn’t stand to be our next Prime Minister.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has privately indicated he wants to succeed Theresa May when the time comes, and why shouldn’t he have this ambition? In the space of a few weeks his popularity has soared. He has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, is constantly appearing in the media, and there is even a campaign urging him to run in the future.

I’m the co-founder of that campaign, Ready for Rees-Mogg. We have 22,000 registered supporters, 700 volunteers and have raised over £7,000 in small donations. Our social media posts have reached over 1 million people, we’ve been interviewed on BBC Daily Politics, and featured on countless news sites.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Other pages include the spectacularly named ‘Middle class memes for Rees-Moggian teens’ and ‘Reem memes with a right-wing theme’. Both are Rees-Mogg fan pages and have more than 80,000 likes between them. Why is this important? Because their core audiences are young people.

Despite losing the election, Jeremy Corbyn won over young voters in a manner that the Conservative Party could only dream of doing.

We need an outsider, like Corbyn, on the right, and Jacob is our man. He doesn’t carry the burden of having already held office, and he has often stood up against party policy in times when it was right to do so.

Has there ever been a conservative politician who has seen popularity like this? Boris Johnson comes to mind, but he never had a social media movement on the scale of Moggmentum.

Could Jacob become Tory leader? This is the same question people asked about Jeremy Corbyn for Labour, and look where his is now. Party members are hungry for an honest, principled politician to lead. Jacob fits the bill, and has the unique ability to attract both young and old.

When the next leadership election is called, we’ll be ready for Jacob to run, as will tens of thousands of other Conservative Party members. If you want to make this happen, join our campaign here.

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  • Sam Frost
    Sam Frost
    Sam Frost is a digital strategist who has worked on major political campaigns in the US and UK, most recently for Vote Leave. samfrost1993
    • Dynamo11

      I remember reading once that politics is like throwing rocks into a pool, change is undetectable and then suddenly the rocks appear over the surface and quickly build up. A realignment has occurred in Western politics, the children of the 2008 recession are now older and they seek more extreme solutions that the Centrist nonesense mainstream politics in the West has turned to. JRM would genuinely attract a new audience of Conservatives the same way Mrs Thatcher relieved the hard-suffering workers from the grip of Labour in the 1980s. Especially when you compare him to the competition, I mean Philip Hammond or David Davis? No way

    • Philip McArthur

      Mogg is highly articulate, extremely well informed and will not put up with attacks from BBC and other interviewers. He is decisive and very much to the point. He would be a superb Leader and Prime Minister. However the Media attack dogs recognize this and will be preparing an assault based on ‘how posh ‘ he is, the ONLY thing on which they can possibly base any valid criticism. Remember what Harold Wilson backed by the BBC et al did to Sir Alec Douglas-Hume ? A distinguished and capable statesman internationally recognized by other world leaders .

      • Dynamo11

        I can believe though that PM Rees-Mogg would finally cut the TV License and force the BBC down from their propagandising

    • Ravenscar

      Despite losing the election, Jeremy Corbyn won over young voters in a
      manner that the Conservative Party could only dream of doing.

      We need an outsider, like Corbyn,

      Anyone, who holds up Venezuela as a model ‘democracy’ and who champions the ‘wonderful’ vision of Socialism Venezuela in his mind halluncinates; is a very dangerous proposition, totally deluded, or comes from a hopelessly prejudiced naif.
      During, his recent election effort corbyn lied and lied again and appealed to the youth vote by laying out some pretty impossible prospectus. Unite sent out its ‘useful idiots’ and some major effort was made to garner ‘new’ votes from the ‘minority’ community, said ‘votes’ were duly harvested – estimates put it at 2.5 million. I would not even suggest a figure estimating how many of those ‘new voters’ placed an X by the Tory party but at a guess – I’d say nil to not many. Only another naif would argue against where the nouveau majority backing for the labour party now emanates from, most of them cannot lay claim to any long defined historical English heritage.

      Casting about in the political swamp and then to painting albeit vague equivalence to some charlatan already mentioned, is to my mind attributing a very unnecessary similitude to a bloke whose nigh lost what few marbles he ever was alloted – is bang out of order.

      corbyn as a man, is not fit to lace JRM’s boot, in terms of anything which really matters; integrity, relating the plain reality however harsh and hard to bear it may be, steadfast championing and loyalty to the English birthright and seasoned chapter of Christian tradition, humour, wit and gregarious, congenial amicability – yes all of those simply put, betwixt the twain: there can be no comparison to be made. As times darken, it will and very soon be time to “stiffen the sinews” and the over the landscape of political mediocrity and wanton devilry in the UK……………………………. who would you seek, to choose to be in the trenches besides you, I tell you it wouldn’t be jeremy corbyn.

      • gunnerbear

        “During, his recent election effort corbyn lied and lied again and appealed to the youth vote by laying out some pretty impossible prospectus.” Yep…JC was full of s**t, just like the rest of ’em…..

    • John Adlington

      I admire Jacob and do think he has many qualities that would make him a good prime minister but this article makes virtually no concrete case for him at all. Pathetic!

      • Little Black Censored

        What “concrete case” brought about Corbyn’s sudden rise? It was mass hysteria, underlain by manipulation by some nasty people.

    • Bogbrush

      From Rees-Mogg in the telegraph; “An effective manifesto does not need a great list of specific promises, it must instead set out a principled foundation on which each policy may be built.”

      A sentiment so many politicians would not grasp because they are managers.

      Either we need Rees-Mogg or there’ll need to be a better alternative because the current crop of vision-free middle managers is going to be he up hacking people off so badly we’ll get someone very bad.

      • gunnerbear

        Is it a principled foundation to call for tax cuts and vote for tax increases…..?

        • Bogbrush

          I take it you criticise his voting record.

          He sets out what a government should do. He personally will vote with his government. These two things do not contradict.

          • gunnerbear

            He says one thing and votes for another…..

            • Bogbrush

              No, he says if he were leader he would do one thing, and he votes with his party.

              It’s not about anarchy, it’s about making an argument within a Party yet being loyal to the decision of the Party.

            • gunnerbear

              So you’re equally sanguine when a Red shouts one thing and votes for another…..or you’d be equally relaxed if a Brexiteer shouts for Brexit and then votes Remain in the interests o’ ‘the Party’?

            • Bogbrush

              I’m fine if a member of a Party behaves like that. If he can’t he should be an independent. If he loses the argument on a point of absolute, permanent principle and it cannot be retrieved then the should resign the whip. Otherwise, support the party and continue the fight.

              As for Brexit / Remain, what are you talking about? There is no “Remain” vote in Parliament. The nearest thing was the Article 50 thing and I was delighted that all complied with Party policy and voted for it regardless of personal opinion.

            • gunnerbear

              That’s the point I’m making – would you have been so relaxed if a Brexiteer had voted against Art. 50 despite saying they’d voted for it?

            • Bogbrush

              Well it is a ridiculous proposition because they would have been voting against both party policy and personal opinion. You could get sectioned for that.

            • gunnerbear

              Granted it was an extreme example but you know what I was driving at…..once JR-Ms voting record is examined….I suspect his popularity will decline…not with ‘Blues Forever’ types but with those of us that aren’t keen on things like higher VAT at the same as tax cuts for City firms….. …or chopping benefits without uprating the NMW…..remember how that turned out for the Boy George…

            • Bogbrush

              It was not so much extreme, as illogical.

              On his voting record, I think you’ll find his attraction is that if you ask him epitome explain it you’ll get a straight answer from a principle. I doubt you’ll find contradiction – there is none in the tax changes you refer to.

              The contrast to Osborne is that he flip flopped endlessly.

            • gunnerbear

              Osborne flipped-flopped over WTCs because he had to make a decision in real life and couldn’t move the Blues to back him….put JR-M in the same chair and the same Blues will be telling him to get f**ked because their postbags and emails are full of people telling them to vote against and pointing out that if the MP does vote for a cut….then they’ll soon be an ex-MP… ..not every Blue sits in an Ultra-Blue area……I think JR-M forgets that…and he’d soon find out what a real s**t-storm is if he tried to impose a chunky housing development for cheap homes in his constituency…

            • Bogbrush

              Right, and that’s exactly why you need people to do what’s needed rather than answer to the latest postbag problem.
              I suspect you’d have wanted Heath over Thatcher in ’79 too.

            • gunnerbear

              Thatcher was a necessary response to the way the UK was ruled in the ’70s – but even she made a shed-load of mistakes. I’ve no objection if you as CotE want to cut WTCs but the reality is unless you replace that ‘lost cash’ with better wages (in reality a boost to the NMW) you (or me or any CotE) is going to be f**ked by the MPs in the House whose voters need the WTCs…. …s’got sweet FA to do with political theory or party colour and everything to do with the reality of low wages in real life.

            • Bogbrush

              And since you don’t what his whole policy platform would be this is irrelevant.

    • Nockian

      There had better be someone who represents the rest of us who have swallowed the PC BS, the lies that we have a strong economy when we can see our wages buying less, that the loss of our savings and pensions were a small price to pay for cheap mortgage loans, that we were stupid, ignorant biggots for voting to leave the EU, that we are white and hence must be abused for our sins but it’s never referred to as fascist racism when coming from the left.

      The U.K. had better take heed of the riots in Charlottesville and stop wearing the sunglasses that pretend the march of the alt.right came out of nowhere, because it came out of all this lefty fascism that has ignored, abused, mooched, censored and minimised the voices on the far right. It is this pushing of a left wing fascist racist, sexist agenda that has created the alt right. Like Weimar Germany the freedom of the communists to get away with anything they like unmolested created the right wing fascist push back.

      Leonard Piekoff wrote the ominous parallels in the 80s describing exactly this pattern occurring. Make no mistake, the left, though vocal and violent is a minority, in Britain the greatest likelihood is that a right wing leader of sufficient charisma will emerge from the alt. Right and we will be in a world of misery. Mogg might well be the person to end this liberalism and corporatism and unite the country- I can only hope, because if history shows us anything, it’s that what starts in the USA will eventually land on our own shores; that what begins as a bit of violent rioting between two fascistic groups can become a landslide movement of enormous power and evil.

      • gunnerbear

        Mogg is an Corporatist…..he’s a financier and City man to his fingertips…..he’s a City Insider…..hellfire…he’s the Insiders Insider….

        • Bogbrush

          He did business so he’s a corporatist.

          You don’t think too deeply about these things do you?

          • gunnerbear

            No, he’s a Corporatist because he’s for all sorts of rules and regulations apart from those that benefit his sector. He also wants higher VAT and APD but lower taxes on the firms he likes to do business with.

            • Bogbrush

              That actually bears no resemblance to a useful definition of a corporatist.

        • Nockian

          I have other concerns about him being a traditionalist and Roman Catholic, but the same can be said about much of the Tory party.

          • Little Black Censored

            Yawn, again.

            • Nockian

              Says the Tommy Robinson fanboy, best of luck with that kind of irrational thinking.

          • gunnerbear

            I don’t care if he is a Catholic or not to be honest….

            • Nockian

              Surely, you would if he told you that he would decide on laws based on what the Vatican decreed.

              This was why he voted down gay marriage, because he took his whip from the Catholic Church.

    • EnemyoftheState

      Jacob is educated which alone distinguishes him from the politicians in the Conservative Party. He thinks, reasons and is not a globalist shill I’d vote for him. He should eventually make Dr. Gabb a member of his Cabinet.

      • gunnerbear

        Globalist shill – he’s connected intimately with the biggest globalist system in the world….the one centered on the City of London…..

        • Little Black Censored


    • Andrew Mitchell

      The thing I like about Mogg is that he doesn’t say what people want to hear simply because that’s what the want to hear, he’ll answer a question put to him and he’ll answer it truthfully regardless, but most of all, the man loves this country, he actually believes that our best days lay ahead of us not behind us, one of his arguments in the referendum was that he believed people elect MPs to run the country, not managers to steady the ship for the EU! I think he’d make a great PM for this country!

      • gunnerbear

        He shouted for tax cuts whilst voting for higher taxes…..he voted against expanding the Military Covenant…. …JR-M is no better or worse as a b*****t merchant than the rest of them…. …take JR-M up to Hartlepool and get JR-M to tell the voters there that he thinks benefits ought to be chopped right back (he voted for that and called for that)…..see how that goes….. …the last time Ultra-Blue JR-M campaigned in a non-Blue area, the voters ripped him a new one. Remember how popular the arch-Blue Howard was with the ‘Blue Party’…..all that cheering….and then the electoral disaster that followed…..

        • Little Black Censored

          JRM described his campaigning in a politically hostile area, and said that although people made it clear they would not be voting for him, they were nevertheless invariably courteous and friendly; the reason for that is that he is both of those things. He is extremely keen to preserve the constitution, which,with those other qualities would make him an excellent Speaker, but the Conservatives would be the poorer for his appointment to that office. Even that rough diamond Jess Phillips praises him.
          Do read a appallingly contemptuous article by Polly Toynbee in the Guardian today, on which the editors have understandably not allowed comments, fearing that they might have to do horrendous amounts of “moderating”.

          • gunnerbear

            I’ve read the Toynbee article….read it and then look at JR-Ms voting record. JR-M is an Ultra Blue….if he wants to be Blue One all his voting positions are going to be called into question….or do you want higher VAT like he does and higher APD like he does? Do you want billions wasted on HS2 like he does even as he calls for benefit cuts and tax cuts for the rich? Because that is what JR-Ms voting record shows……not the b*****t all politicians come out with…..but his voting record…..when he had to decide and go on the record…..

    • John Smith

      He would be a welcome change after the social democrats Cameron & May
      A real conservative

    • Wally-Jumblatt

      The trick is not to ask JRM to be part of your campaign; he needs to remain clean and clear.
      Good luck with your campaign. When the time comes, hopefully you have the machinery and the momentum.

    • Ade

      “He doesn’t carry the burden of having already held office…” So, it’s unknown as to whether he can actually manage a whelk stall, never mind an office, department, party or government…

      • Dynamo11

        Whilst historically a portfolio was used to train the new future leaders of the country the system as it is now (and has been since the 1960s, even Thatcher couldn’t break it) only develops uncreative Yes-men, middle managers with no vision and short sighted attempts to see out their time in office. This is what happens when the Party machine becomes to powerful and it’s the same reason people like Enoch Powell came a cropper

      • gunnerbear

        I’d put JR-M in as SoS Health or at the DWP where decisions very quickly create winners and losers and voters are incredibly sensitive to changes in the outputs of either department……

      • thesavent

        If past performance is used to judge MPs then many of them should not be let near your whelk stall let alone hold their current position.

      • Outraged Tunbridge Wells

        Not done too badly in business though! probably a disadvantage in this Parliament of professional non achieving MPs

        • obbo12

          You mean like Trump.

    • Warrior from the Shadows

      Seems like JR-M has unequivocally ruled it out today.

    • dlp6666

      “he has often stood up against party policy in times when it was right to do so”

      He’s a great chap and should do well.

      But I’d like to see some evidence for the above statement, as I got the impression his voting record is very loyal to the whips and mainstream policy.

      • gunnerbear

        His voting record is ultra loyal..totally loyal.

    • geordieboy

      Some say “Good old Theresa” and others tell the truth. Many say “Good old Jacob” and they mean it.

    • obbo12

      Oh for God sake, it’s the cyberkipper troll army just giving sockpuppet up votes.

      • gunnerbear

        ….I think it would be interesting because then JR-M will be asked why he wants to cut the level of benefits in real terms as he’s always voted for below inflation rises….mind you he’s always found time to vote for lower taxes on firms (and given his connection to the City I’m sure that’s purely a coincidence). Like it not, JR-Ms policy statements are on the record and for all the shouting, the last time Ultra Blue JR-M stood in a non-Blue area, the voters ripped him a new one. The only way that JR-M stands to get anywhere being PM after a GE is for the Blues to finally jettison all and every pretense that they are a UK wide party and aim for commanding just England and hope that the Red lose seats to the odd Blue or Purple or Yellow….whilst effectively saying to Blue Scotland, “…win what you can but we know English policies will never fly in Scotland..”

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