August 3, 2017

Migrant crisis pushes Europe to the brink

Migrant crisis pushes Europe to the brink

Alexander Fiuza believes the EU migrant crisis is undermining the stability of the European Union. Brussels must urgently rethink its current strategy of tackling the crisis, he says.

In desperation, Italy has recently threatened to give over 200,000 migrants residency permits, allowing them to travel freely throughout EU countries. Italy cannot cope with the thousands of new migrants arriving every day from across the Mediterranean – well over 86,000 so far this year. According to Italy’s coast guard, humanitarian rescue ships picked up more than 1,000 migrants from nine rubber and wooden boats off the coast of Libya two Thursdays ago. Arrivals of migrants to Italy are up almost 18 per cent on the same period last year, Italy’s Interior Ministry added last Thursday.

If this situation continues it will have disastrous effects for every nation in the EU, including, for the next few years at least, the United Kingdom.

Since the migrant crisis began making headlines in 2014, it has been made much worse by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, throwing open Germany’s doors to welcome as many migrants as possible. Her naïve open-door policy, which broke the EU’s own laws on processing asylum seekers in the first country they land in, encouraged hundreds of thousands to risk their lives crossing the ocean while funnelling millions of pounds to people traffickers.

80 per cent of migrants arriving in the EU have had no documents proving their identity. There is no way of knowing they are who they say they are. Germany’s Federal Service for Migration and Refugees show three out of every four are male, and two-thirds are under 33.  Each migrant in Germany costs the German Government on average £10,200 per year – estimates put the cost of migrants in the UK as high as £30,000. By the end of 2016 close to 99 per cent of the migrants Germany took in were still unemployed. Adding tens of thousands of unemployed migrants is hardly helping Germany’s ageing population. Moreover, incompetence and unwillingness to do any meaningful vetting has also led to a spike in migrant crime – up from 114,238 crimes in 2015 to 174,438 in 2016 – an increase of 52.7 per cent.

The EU’s migrant policy isn’t just self-defeating, cripplingly expensive and socially disruptive, though. Its grand solution for wealthy northern European nations, the imposition of migrant quotas on Eastern and Southern EU countries, has run into the obvious issue of the Schengen Zone, through which anyone can cross borders freely. In Portugal, for example, of the 1,255 refugees sent there by quota, 474 have left. Of those, 147 have been found and many arrested as far afield as Sweden. In other words, the migrant quotas are already proving to be a failure.

This obvious policy failure has not stopped. The EU has already been threatening Poland and Hungary with sanctions over their refusal to participate in failed migrant quotas.

In the UK itself, a continued migrant crisis will magnify existing problems. Mass migration has already cost the UK government £114 billion between 1995 and 2011. A recent study from Migration Watch showed Britain on track to add a city the size of Birmingham every two years if it does not end ‘free movement’, and if the migration crisis gets worse it could be even more.

This surge is putting pressure on schools, hospitals, and housing. Home ownership is collapsing among the young, and rents are climbing ever higher. New research from the Adam Smith Institute shows these pressures have prevented 157,000 births between 1996 and 2014, while over one in four births in Britain are to migrant parents.

EU policymakers could have adopted a policy of funding refugee camps closer to conflict zones, where their money will literally go ten times further in helping people. They could take a manageable number directly from such camps, helping far more people. This would help to cut out the people traffickers and ensure only genuine refugees receive help. Such an approach would also make it far easier for the refugees to return and rebuild their lives once the war is over. Only Britain has adopted this common-sense approach.

They could also have adopted Australia’s successful policy of turning back migrant boats and processing asylum seekers offshore. This has ensured only real refugees are taken in. It has ensured people smugglers and the organised crime they fund go penniless. It has also seen the number of migrants dying in attempted sea crossings collapse to around zero, while in the Mediterranean over 5,000 drowned last year.

Adopting these policies, of helping migrants where they are, turning back the boats and processing asylum seekers offshore would help the people of EU Member States. It would aid the EU’s stability, and it would be better for real refugees. If we are going to avoid suffering for the mistakes, incompetence and ideological blindness of the Eurocrats, we must Get Britain Out sooner rather than later.

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Alexander Fiuza
Alexander Fiuza is a Research Executive at grassroots campaign Get Britain Out.
  • Dr Evil

    I agree. They should be taken back to the shore of origin and the boat destroyed.

  • Bill

    Tell that to May, Cable, Soubry, Clarke, Miliband D and Spreadsheet Phil, just for starters.

  • Adrian Johnson

    Do they know something we don’t ? Yes, they do. the EU is implementing the “Coudenhove Kalergi Plan”. Look it up. It’s real. Angela Merkel got the Coudenhove Kalergi Award — also called the Charlemagne Prize — in 2015 for her pro-migrant policy.

  • Andrew Mitchell

    The largest problem with all this is that we’re asking the impossible, we’re asking that the EU, our MPs and the powers that be to use their common sense, and from what I’ve seen over the past couple of years, the whole of Westminster has an allergic reaction to common sense, you only need listen to the morons regularly on the BBC telling viewers that its impossible for a country to have control of its own borders, saying that our ports will grind to a stand still and no food or goods will get through, then you have the bank of England’s Mark Carney saying that again, its impossible for a country to have full control of its own economy without the help of the EU, it makes you wonder how people in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and China all manage to have food and goods in their stores without being in the EU, and how they all manage to control their own economies without the EU doing it for them is amazing!

  • SonofBoudica

    I totally agree 3aple!

  • 3aple

    We should all be naming these so-called charities. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and Save the Children are prominent in this. Name them. If people believe its the right thing to do, they can donate. If not, we know who not to give money to. After all, these ‘charities’ will surely be proud of their work. Start naming them and keep on doing so.

  • forgotten_man

    Apparently this influx is being assisted by NGO ships going to the Libyan coast , picking up ‘survivors’ and then making the 20 times longer journey back to Italy instead of going , as is required under maritime law ‘to the nearest port’.
    I’m guessing the NGOs are on some sort of ‘piecework’ payment , the more they pick up and deliver , the more money they get.

    If you want a measure of the complicity then look at the sheer obfuscation at all levels, governments included against the #DefendEurope ‘generation Identity’ ship that is going to monitor the NGO’s activities and documenting and reporting this dodgy activity.

    You wont have heard about this but just look and you will see, quite unbelievable!

  • Bogbrush

    We’re all way too soft to take logical, hard headed positions and stick to them. The media will just crucify anyone causing offense or appearing unvirtuous.

  • Prompt Critical

    The photograph used at the head of this article is essentially a lie. Nearly all the chancers on those rubber boats are in fact young, black, men.

  • Great Briton

    Meanwhile UK tourists kept waiting in airports due to heightened security.
    Turn up in the Mediterranean on a rubber dinghy and get waved right through with no checks.
    We need to get out of the EU as soon as possible

  • SonofBoudica

    I agree. These so-called “Charities” ships should be sunk.

  • SonofBoudica

    This is all down to Germany which signalled to the rest of the World that anyone who wanted to come to Europe would be welcomed. Frau Merkel made no pretence at consultation with other EU Governments but expects them all to take their share of migrants invited in by Germany. This is reminiscent of the debacle that was the Former Yugoslavia when the EU was impotent in the wars that broke out. The catalyst for those wars was Germany’s unilateral decision to recognise the breakaway Slovenia and Croatia despite the obligation to join in the collective management of the crisis by the EU. Germany did what suited Germany alone, just like it forces the ECB to adopt policies that suited Germany alone, and which drove the cheap credit which fuelled the housing and construction bubbles which destroyed the economies of Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain, causing mass unemployment and the ruination of the futures of up to 50% of the youth of those countries.

  • SonofBoudica

    Not so easy. So-called charities are colluding with people smugglers to pick them up outside Libyan territorial waters and I’m not sure they have the right to enter Libyan water to return the migrants.

  • David Kane

    Yet the hypocrites of the left such as Yvette Cooper still demand more migrants are taken in despite the fact that there is not one area in Britain, rural or otherwise that is “happy” as the UN has claimed, with the forced imposition of Syrian rapists, terrorists and parasites on their community. The Syrian family featured on BBC Newsnight last year as a model of migrant respectability turned out to have one of their sons arrested for attempted rape within 6 months of their arrival on Tyneside, another son left in Syria who was an active jihadist fighting for a genocidal Muslim group and a father who maintained contacts online with a number of jihadists (read: “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent, Amazon and Kindle), the big lie that Muslim immigration is good for anything other than bringing down western civilization continues through the EU and UN and the BBC and the rest of the Left’s institutions bent on destroying Britain. After accepting 8 million foreigners, mostly unemployable Muslims, since 1997, we need to start saying NO to the Left, Mrs May.

  • Odo Saunders

    Should we have criticised Enoch Powell so readily when he made his “Rivers of blood” speech?

  • lizmilton

    You might like to search and read

    “Migrants are an underground army”

  • Leo Savantt

    The article is naive, the consequences of the migrant crisis are genuinely catastrophic but the policy is deliberately so. The Eurozone crisis showed clearly that the EU project was doomed, so in order to detract attention from this the migrant crisis was created. As the crisis deepens the response becomes ever more totalitarian and draconian. It is through this self-created crisis that the EU will be able to subsume greater powers, politically, economically and most terrifyingly militarily.

    Few in the UK understand the nihilist nature of EU fanaticism, a complete break down in the Rule of Law, security and the economy are seen as acceptable sacrifices on the road to “ever closer union”. No matter what the cost, no matter the extent of human suffering, the project will go on and as member states collapse the champagne will still be quaffed in Brussels, right to the bitter end.

  • lizmilton

    If you read “the moronification of western man: are we becoming more stupid?” You will see the EU and UN planned in 2000 for

    195 million migrants to come to Europe by 2025.

    The Lisbon Treaty states that the youth of the EU will be conscripted into the EU army. Only the Irish have an opt out.

    Migrants cannot join the EU army, according to the Lisbon Treaty…just think about that…

  • Warrior from the Shadows

    That is an extremely a-typical photograph of the boats crossing the Med. The majority are full with black, male Africans of fighting age.

  • Cat

    Don’t make me laugh. It’s Italy’s fault for not taking them back to Libya when they are picked up out of the water a stones throw from the Libyan shore.

  • sfin

    These people are illegal immigrants and the NGOs should be prosecuted for people trafficking if their ‘rescue’ boats do not return them to their point of departure.

    As for Europe…I think that this is all deliberate and designed to try and maintain the social democrat, state welfarism, set up post WW2, which requires generational population growth in order to sustain it. The problem being, of course, is that state welfare systems discourage an incentive to have children – hence the collapse in the indigenous birthrates.

    Historic social cohesion doesn’t feature on the balance sheet of an EU technocrat. This is not going to end well.

  • EnglandLaments

    Too late. We are sunk. Conflict at some future point inside the once proud nations of Europe, including the UK, is guaranteed!
    And all because we were lied to by the elites, by the politicians, by the media and the rest who refused to take heed of the warning signs and doubled down on the destructive policies leading to destruction of our societies, culture and much else beside.

  • Tommein

    Look at the picture at the top of the page you can see land behind them, so how far have they actually travelled?

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