May must go


May must go

Peter Bingle explains that the Prime Minister’s failure to sack Boris Johnson, together with her disastrous media performance over the weekend, has led him to the conclusion she must resign.

This is my 36th Tory Party conference and I have to say that I have never been to a more dispiriting and fractious event. The Tory Party is in crisis…

The political backdrop is fascinating. The Labour Party has been taken over by the hard left. Spending four days in Brighton with the Trotskyists and Momentum was scary. They hate capitalism and everything most of us believe in and if they ever win power they will be ruthless and without mercy in destroying their political opponents. And yet, part of me admired their dedication, passion and conviction…

In comparison, the Tory Party Conference is desperate, irrelevant and dull. Consumed by a quite disgusting self-indulgence, senior Tories are consumed by a desire to bring down and destroy the Prime Minister. The media and the Labour Party can’t believe their luck.

To take stock this is the position: The Labour Party has been taken over by Trotskyites and the response of senior Tories is to stoke up a bitter internal fight which may bring down the government. Those who the Gods want to destroy…

I arrived in Manchester believing that the PM had to stay until the Brexit deal was done. She would then stand down in order for the Tories to have a new leader who would win the subsequent election. I am no longer so sure. A disastrous interview with Andrew Marr and her failure to sack Boris Johnson has raised serious questions about her fitness to be PM. Reluctantly I have come to the view that she has to go and go quickly.

Senior Tories seem not to understand just how radical Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is and the threat it poses to everything we take for granted. Their self indulgent behaviour is quite despicable. We are sleepwalking to a Marxist Britain.

There are many grounds to criticise the current government. Most of the ministers are second rate. They have no obvious political agenda. I could go on. But at least they believe in decency and common values. Corbyn’s Labour Party despises all of this.

The trouble is this. I have never known a more incompetent or useless government. Put to one side the likes of Damian Green and Michael Fallon, this government is just hopeless. So the status quo is no longer an option. The Tories change or they die.

Is anybody listening?

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  • Peter Bingle
    Peter Bingle
    Peter is the Founder of Terrapin Communications. With a career in politics and communications that has spanned almost four decades, he is one of the country's leading public affairs practitioners. His career has seen him advise many top companies, including McDonald’s, HSBC, L’Oreal, Permira, Motorola, Camelot, Rolls Royce & Kellogg's.
    • AraucaniaPatagonia

      Boris Johnson won in London. Twice. There’s your leader.

    • Prompt Critical

      I’ll submit my rant yet again, in the hope that somebody in the Conservative Party with some sense will see it.

      It’s very easy for the Conservatives to fashion a winning agenda. They need to do two things to support the young:

      (1) Stop the shameful waste of money on HS2, which promises to amount to over a hundred billion in the end, and spend the same money on building a million new houses and flats, on land taken from the MoD and on green-field and brown-field land, forcibly riding roughshod over council objections. Sell these dwellings cheaply on reasonable terms, or rent them out. They could be called “state houses”; it would be advisable not to let local councils have anything to do with it.

      (2) Immediately change over the motor insurance system of the UK to be like the one in force in all continental countries, where the vehicle is insured third-party-only for a moderate sum, for all drivers, and the age, the sex, the circumstances, etc… of the owner are not taken into account. (Comprehensive insurance would continue to be a matter for negotiation between the driver and the insurance company on a private basis.) This would end one of the most unfair current impositions on young people – not being able to drive about at a reasonable cost.

      My first recommendation is obviously a long-term thing: the impact wouldn’t be felt for several years, even with a crash program. But my second recommendation could be implemented within a year, and would immediately impact the psychology of everyone under 25 via his most sensitive organ – his pocket.

      • Thomtids

        Apropos the premium for young drivers, the most expensive part of the risks covered are the “third party” liabilities. The car, as in comprehensive cover, is almost irrelevant. With current levels of compensation, a serious brain-damage victim can obtain awards up to £5 million. It only needs a car-full of school friends and a reckless act of driving to cause an enormous claim. And new drivers always have carfulls of friends!
        The problem for young drivers (and usually young males below the age of 25) is inexperience, overly powerful cars and aggression. I think one statistic is that 25% of young males will have an accident within 12months of obtaining a full licence.
        I handled a vast amount of personal injury work for motor insurers between 1980 and 2007 and the majority of serious injury cases were due to young driver inexperience. Not all, accidents do happen (as the Court of Appeal once said, famously) but premiums are set by risk not sentiment.

    • matt

      Sadly Peter Bingle is just articulating the mantra of the failed and failing continuity Cameroons. They had pinned their hopes on May but now that they see what a ghastly mistake that was instead of accepting that what is badly needed is a populist Leader, such as Boris, and a good dose of properly right of centre policies, a la Mrs Thatcher, they just want more of the same nonsense that isnt working. The Tories can never defaet a resergent hard left Labour party by drifting yet further to the left and simply offering to administer the left’s agenda more efficiently than they can.

      We need a wholesale clear out at the top and a new sense of vision and purpose if we are to keep the Trots out of Government.

    • Thomtids

      The Conservatives kept Major in position after his Government brought about Black Wednesday. After the utter catastrophe he wrought in the face of advice, the Conservatives didn’t see any sort of power until a cock-eyed “Coalition” with their current soul-mates the Lib-Dems.
      How long does the Party elite reckon they will be out of power after the catastrophe that is Mrs May? One can only presume that they see the default vote going to Labour as a price to pay to frustrate the Brexit process. The Social Democrat wing of the Party aka “the wets” have had 30 years and have now brought the Party into disrepute and public contempt.
      Never underestimate the depths Conservative Central will plumb. Or put it another way, never think the best of anyone, they can’t let you down.

    • caro

      Mrs May is the one who has to go. She is toxic now for the Tory Party. She could offer everyone a brand new house with a smart BMW on the drive and it wouldn’t make any difference. Why should anyone believe a word she says when she can’t even deliver the one thing she was voted in to do……………..BREXIT? Get rid of the likes of Rudd, Hammond and Soubry and put Boris and the Mogg in charge. The Tories would walk the next election.

    • caro

      Sack Mrs May by all means . She’s toxic for the Tory Party. She could offer everybody a nice new house with a BMW on the drive , it wouldn’t make any difference. How can anybody believe what she says when she can’t even deliver the one thing that people reluctantly voted HER in to do? Get rid of the doom and gloom Remainers and put Boris and Mogg in charge. The Tories would walk it.

    • Boris Johnson was made Editor of The Spectator for a laugh. He was made a Member of Parliament for a laugh. He was made Mayor of London for a laugh. He was made an MP again for a laugh. He has been made Foreign Secretary for a laugh. And now, the game is on to make him Prime Minister for a laugh. Well, Britain is renowned the world over for its sense of humour. But that is because this is fundamentally a serious country. There are joke countries, but there is nothing remotely funny about having to live in them. This is not a joke country, and it does not want a joke Prime Minister. Never mind, though. The DUP would never allow a Prime Minister whose mistress had had an abortion, just as it would never allow a Prime Minister who was a Catholic. If Theresa May does not last until the next General Election, then the next Prime Minister will be David Davis, simply because he will be the only candidate acceptable to the DUP.

    • blingmun

      To clarify. What the author obviously meant was that the government is hopeless EVEN putting aside the likes of Damian Green and Michael Fallon.

    • ian_ritchie

      The PM has played all her cards and lost..

      Disastrous election performance, and clearly
      too weak to fight for sensible deal with the EU
      or to walk away..

      She has become the Neville Chamberlin of

      • Thomtids

        Chamberlain was a much maligned but very competent Prime Minister. No one in their right mind, including the british population, wanted a war they couldn’t win.
        Undoubtedly. May is an incompetent, as her record at the Home Office and now as PM clearly demonstrates.
        As Churchill snidely wrote of Chamberlain..”History will look unfavourably upon him. I know because I shall write it.” In the case of May, History has already marked her card…”Nul Point”.

    • DEvans

      ‘Peter is one of the countries leading public affairs practitioners’… really, I suppose that says it all in GB 2017. He is also clearly overwrought. May must go 10/10…. Boris should be sacked 1/10 (for effort). All that the Tory party needs is a Conservative to lead it… whether Boris would be the right choice is anyones guess but he at least appears to believe in this country, it’s people and its future. With Rudd and Hammond misguided and immature enough to believe they are in with a chance at No 10 he really can’t be the worst option.

    • gram64

      Interviewed by Nick Robinson this morning, May said ‘I’ve got us into this mess, I’m going to get us out of it.’ That does show honesty and resolution. I think Bingle is just a tad overheated. Give May at least a bit more time, at least a couple of months. But if she isn’t seen to have improved matters by then she should go.

    • MikePage

      Johnson should be sacked because he agrees with you? Do you want an utterly rudderless party??

      • John O’Leary

        The Conservatives are already an utterly rudderless party.

        • 15 years ago, the Conservative Party was a universally ridiculed pariah organisation, with a tiny and most elderly membership, and with absolutely no chance of winning the next General Election. But that was, if not ideal, then at least acceptable, in Opposition. Today, however, that is the Government. During this week’s shambles, almost in the original sense of the word, remember that a mere four months ago, people were drawing gargantuan salaries to tell us that this party was going to be in Government for the next 40 years. None of those sages has been sacked.

    • Dynamo11

      She either does a reshuffle and brings in Brexiteers or she goes before Christmas recess.

    • SonofBoudica

      Sadly, I can only agree with this article, but not on the grounds of not sacking Boris. Unfortunately the Government is in this pickle because of the duplicity of Michael Gove, when he torpedoed Boris’s leadership campaign just after the Referendum.

      • Dougie

        No, reprehensible as Gove’s behaviour was, the reason the Tories are in this pickle is that a ridiculously large number of their MPs seemed to think May was PM material, despite years of evidence to the contrary.

        • Thomtids

          They didn’t exactly get much of a choice after Mrs Leadsom was “prevailed upon” to withdraw from the poll.
          As WC Fields wisely observed “Never give a sucker an even break”.
          May, elected?

    • rustybear

      Fallon and Green!!!! If you think these guys are competent I would very much like to understand your definition.

      Leaving that aside, you are quite correct that May must go. Truth is May should never have been there. The problem with the Conservatives is that they are suffering from Schizophrenia. They represent a majority group of people who believe passionately in the Sovereignty of our country and the democratic link between the lawmakers and the people, indeed would be prepared to fight and die for it, and yet a majority of those leading us are happy to pool that precious sovereignty or even give it away. The people leading us out of the EU need to believe in it from PM down and they so obviously don’t. If you had people at the Conference who spoke passionately about this and stood up for Us and believed that whatever happened we are good enough to create a better country for it, then it would not only energise the conference hall but provide a very successful counterweight to those in Labour who would destroy our economic system.

      • AraucaniaPatagonia

        Theresa May was never voted on by the members – it was a backroom stitch up by the self-satisfied incompetents that run the party, who’ll never suffer like ordinary folk under a Corbyn government.

      • Jeremy Corbyn is “on the side of those who threaten us”, says Michael Fallon, the only man who has ever lost a parliamentary seat to Alan Miliburn. Who, exactly? Saudi Arabia? The IS that Russia is close to defeating? Who?

      • DEvans

        Fallon has just decided to get rid of 1000 Royal Marines and stop future Arctic Warfare Training. When coupled with the other disasters perpetrated by him and his incompetent predecessor on HM Forces it shines a rather bright light on the writer of this turgid piece of flummery.

    • Peter Divey

      Sack Johnson? That would be a big mistake as he is the only one who seems to have an optimistic vision of what Brexit can be. He has to speak out as between them May and Hammond seem to be purchasing Brexit under extortion from the EU. Corbyn is waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces if the Tories implode. That is a horrifying thought. Which is why no one apart from Johnson has the guts to stand up and fight for the winning side of the Brexit debate. Corbyn is counting on this timidity. Bravo to Johnson i say.

    • geordieboy

      I think that Hammond desperately wants Theresa to go in order to position himself to cement a 5 year transition period thus ending the Brexit war.

      • As well as having the gall to warn of extra borrowing under a Corbyn Government, when his own has borrowed more than all previous Labour Governments put together, Philip Hammond used the Conservative Party Conference to berate Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell for having departed from “the 35-year consensus”. The choice at the next General Election is now clear. It is between those who do, and those who do not, believe that the only permissible opinions on economic and foreign policy are those of Tony Blair and David Cameron, of Emmanuel Macron and Mariano Rajoy, of George W. Bush and the Clintons.

        Whether on economic policy, or on foreign policy, or both, if you dissent from that position in any way, or even if you simply do not believe that all other positions ought to be excluded from the debate, then you have no option except to vote Labour at the next General Election. Anything else, including abstention, would be a conscious choice to close the debate, and this time to close it forever, leaving only “the 35-year consensus” of Philip Hammond.

      • Englishman Abroad

        He may well be delusional enough to believe that he is ‘the man’, however how a 5 year transition period, with a general election right in the middle, is supposed to end the Brexit war, only he will know.

    • Bogbrush

      She has no authority so this isn’t even a discussion. The bigger question is who can lead.

    • Mojo

      I agree Mrs May has to go. I disagree she should be sacking the very person in Cabinet standing up for the Leavers. It is Rudd and Hammond who need to go. Followed by Jeremy Heywood and mos of Mrs May’s close advisers.

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