Labour’s staggering DUP hypocrisy


Labour’s staggering DUP hypocrisy

Andre Walker says Labour’s latest glut of faux outrage, prompted by the Tory-DUP deal, is even more sickeningly hypocritical than usual.

‘How could anyone possibly do a deal with the evil DUP?’ is the latest cry of every leftie in Britain. Their faux outrage is normally pretty nauseating, but this time it’s even more sickeningly hypocritical than normal.

In September 2015, leaked emails from Hillary Clinton showed that Gordon Brown had sought to do a deal with the very party Labour are now branding untouchable.

According to the Irish Times, the State Department briefing read: “Shaun, for his part, is working on an economic package for Northern Ireland to win support from the DUP and other parties for Labour – a package to be proposed in the Queen’s Speech.”

“Shaun” was a reference to the Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward, who was said to have been instrumental in palm pressing the DUP. The taxpayer was employing him to be the ‘honest broker’ of the peace process, how was he meant to do that having been the one sent to beg the unionists for help.

There is almost nothing positive to say about Theresa May but at least she sent her Chief Whip to Belfast so as not to undermine the Northern Ireland Secretary’s neutrality. Gordon Brown, on the other hand, didn’t give a toss and probably undermined the peace process by his actions.

Some will argue all of this is irrelevant because we know Jeremy Corbyn hates Northern Irish Unionists. After-all, he attended the funerals of IRA killers and invited members of the Army Council to Parliament… allowing them to laud it over the very security services they had been killing.

But how can it be right for Jeremy Corbyn to have tried to encourage Sinn Fein to take their seats in Parliament and back him whilst simultaneously having a problem with the DUP. The Paisley family and their associates might not be everyone’s cup of tea but at least they aren’t terrorists.

Dry your tears Labour, you’re just proving your own hypocrisy.

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