December Council summit is judgement day


December Council summit is judgement day

Peter Divey argues that should a Brexit trade deal remain out of sight come December’s European Council summit, the UK must get up off its knees. Failure to do so would sacrifice yet more of our collective dignity. 

December is our last chance for our Brexit. If the Trade deal is still out of reach then climb off the floor and walk away.

The UK is a laughing stock. At home and abroad. The EU sees nothing but a quivering and fawning coward. The rest of the World sees the same, and shake their heads in astonishment. Barnier has only to lift an eyebrow and the British negotiators fall back as if they have been poleaxed. The UK appears paralyzed with awe and fear as it beholds the mighty EU.

Merkel has never been weaker. Macron is ignoring rising unpopularity and riots in Paris by his aggrieved citizens. But the Brits appear to have noticed only that the EU is shouting louder than ever, demanding more and more. You shout loudest when your back is against the wall. Empty vessels make the most noise. But meek and mild the UK concedes more and more.

Barnier rails that Brexit means Brexit steadfast in his opposition to cherry picking. The four great pillars that underpin this great and overwhelming EU behemoth are indivisible. Oh, and by the way, British banks will lose their Euro passporting rights if they leave. More threats and ultimatums answered only by trembling from our side.

So, let’s call him out on it. No ECJ superiority. No special set-up that precludes an independent UK from setting up an advantageous tax and trading status. No money, not one penny. Brexit means Brexit everywhere says Barnier, unless the EU deems otherwise.

But, that would take courage and resolve. It is easier to cower and accept humiliation. The UK must have bruised knees by now from kneeling. I am calling out Johnson and Gove here and now as traitors. Hammond is nothing but a cowardly Globalist shill. Stop shovelling billions to the EU whilst cramping your own people with cuts, rationing, expedient priorities and austerity. Eliminate the deficit, as you must, but do not do so whilst giving preferential treatment to the EU. The NHS collapses whilst French farmers prosper. That is Hammond’s priority. Any deal is indeed better than no deal.

Theresa May has increased her offer to the EU, to meet the Brexit bill demands. To move things along. No figures are quoted but everywhere on the Continent it seems to be well known as it has already been reported widely. And already rejected out of hand. Doubling our offer to £36 billion is no good. It is still peanuts. More please. They can expect more, why not? Every request has been met so far.

The UK is the 5th biggest economy in the world but we might as well be Greece. Pathetic. This is May’s enduring legacy. Corbyn would have shown more steel. And he will be the Tories legacy if they do not step up. Defeated by Juncker, Tusk, Barnier, it is cringeworthy. They are the mighty heavyweights that have reduced the UK to servitude and genuflection.

China is not in the EU, or Japan, or the US They trade perfectly well thank you. They and others would not be so foolish as to pay for the pleasure. Unthinkable. But there is this one odd country. They have never seen the like. Pay to trade? Tariffs are understood, but billions and billions and billions? Crazy.

December’s Council summit is our last chance. If the Trade deal remains out of reach we must climb off the floor and walk away. But perhaps that is expecting too much. More likely we will offer yet more at the additional cost of great shame of the UK, but no longer to the surprise of anyone else. It would truly be an ending of days. And no one else would dare leave the EU. It would be a ritual humiliation too far.

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  • Peter Divey
    Peter Divey
    Peter Divey's dormant interest in British and American politics has been reawakened by last year's Brexit referendum result and Trump's ascendency to the White House. In his spare time he enjoys playing chess and has a growing collection of vintage wrist watches.
    • Big Les

      There will be NO deal come 29th March 2019. Whatever might be on the table will be scuppered , not by the UK Parliament, but by the €U Commission. Why? Because they cannot ALLOW a deal, for to do so is an admission that the 1st member state IS leaving and they must avoid that at all costs. If they do not then the whole rotten edifice comes tumbling down.

      Everything that we have seen since article 50 was declared has been a delaying exercise – court cases by whingeing, moaning, wealthy entrepreneurs, amendments by remoaner MPs, demands for cash from the €U, followed by ultimata that the UK had x number of days to improve its (already overly generous) offers, talks of transition periods etc etc etc. all aimed at prolonging the period during which the UK fills the hole in the €U budget – without us they are up sh!t creek without a paddle.

      The two years following the declaration of Article 50 ARE the transition period. GTF on with it, we are wasting time.

      Theresa May needs to seriously think about what Thatcher would have done in the circumstances – it doesn’t take long Theresa…….. time’s up! She would have been swinging that handbag (with several dozen good sized steel ball-bearings in it) and smacked Juncker, Tusk, Verhorseshit and Barnier in the teeth with it.

      We have the upper hand and all the negotiating levers. Realise that and USE them. Your Florence speech should have been regarded as the UK’s only and final offer. The €U have chosen to turn that down. ‘Bye then! We walk and you can make an appointment to come talk to us when you have something sensible to offer US.

      If the €U Negotiators have not offered something tangible that is to the benefit of the UK by Christmas, then we inform them that come January 1st we are walking away to WTO rules and cancelling our Direct Debit.

      Theresa, just GTF on with it !

      • Peter Divey

        Caved on everything! MT will be spinning in her grave. There will be a deal if the UK continues to concede on every point, but at what cost.

    • Big Les
    • fred finger

      The EU has shot themselves in the foot, but our negotiators don’t seem to have the wit to understand that The EU has just demonstrated by the EU city culture fiasco, that commitments do NOT have to be honoured. The UK has been allocated the country, the competition was to see which city. The EU sent a missive that we are no longer eligible.
      So the EU makes a commitment and then reneges on it.

      The EU says we owe them a lot of money, a commitment, and we should be held to that commitment. However the EU shows that their principle is they can make a commitment and not be held to it. Well EU, you should not have it both ways. So by the same token, we owe the EU NOTHING.

      • Peter Divey

        FF…you can’t possibly be saying that the EU are not trustworthy! Of course, give them a dose of their own medicine. The more bitter the pill the better.

        • fred finger

          They have clearly demonstrated, in documented actions, that they renaged on a EU commitment. Thus they have set the precedent that promised commitments between the EU and EU members do not have to be honored. They have set the precedent, we should use it against them. The costs are vastly different, but that is not salient point, the principle is.

          • Peter Divey

            EU mantra…do as we say, not as we do.

    • Ian Walker

      At this point I’d rather trust the negotiations to the Apprentice contestants. It’s quite clear what the strategy should have been from the off – play hardball until the member states got nervous and pushed the Euro-zealots like Barnier aside. Those people can’t be negotiated with in any meaningful way – you might as well be asking the Taliban for gay marriage.

      • Peter Divey

        Ian, i have no doubt that you could do a vastly better job. Hardball…i wish.

        • Big Les

          The only thing bullies understand is being met with equal or greater force. And anybody who bullies us is not our friend.
          Perhaps TM should watch the PM and POTUS press conference scene in the film ‘Love Actually’ for some pointers?

    • Ravenscar

      This post is predicated on the idea that, Theresa may requires to get out of the EU………………er NO! no, no she doesn’t.

      That’s why, the backroom tory patricians and movers and shakers within the tory party and spurred on by the corporate blob, banksters, illiberal cognoscenti fully approved of mrs may’s instalment, it was written, dave was told to fall on his sword, Bojo, Gove and Leadsom were shafted, that’s how it works in the tory party. Twenty seven years ago, with the vital nail in the UK coffin waiting to be hammered in [Maastricht] the toryboys know damn well that Margaret Thatcher would never sign it, thus she had to go, tarzan, clarke, hurd, howe all fixed it and so it goes.

      We should have walked on the 24th of June 2016 – the mandate was there, the country was willing, the PTB and Germany put all their gears and operation stymie, stall and operation barbarosa II ‘prevent’ was unleashed.

      We’re not out, we’ll never be allowed to leave, the PTB have decreed that the British people wishes will not be acceded to.


      • Big Les

        Hotel California then? We’d stand a better chance if the €U’s attention were divided by having to fight a second front….. oh how I wish that another state would declare an exit referendum ASAP.

        The Dutch might have done if Geert Wilders had been elected. The French might even have done if Le Pen had been elected. Austria looked promising. As does Hungary. TM could also take a few pointers from Viktor Orbán rather than listening to half-@rsed ideas for slogans from half-@rsed SpAds that nearly lost her the electoon.

      • Peter Divey

        Brexit is the “wrong” answer…but i can’t believe it will just be parked…and left to rust away. Surely that could only work on a cross-party basis. More likely the Tories take us out, and Labour takes us back in?

    • Felt

      That DisMay and her cabinet are going to sell the electorate out is beyond any doubt. They are little more than a group of wretched, spineless traitors, who, with the Deep State have mistakenly been awaiting their moment to do the deed. Even in this estimate, they have badly misjudged popular opinion. Unfortunately, we will have to await another GE before the supposed Tory party can be dispatched to the same street as the LibDems – but dispatch them we will.

      What then. Tied to the EU with all its failings, and with a Scarecrow led Government, we are going to have to endure yet more humiliation until the EUs rotting body eventually fails and the Scarecrow finishes off completely a once proud country. Humiliation is the least of our worries.

      • Big Les

        If the electorate are sold down the river over this, there will be a run on the piano-wire market. Do we have enough lamp-posts in the Capital, I wonder?

      • Peter Divey

        Brexit lost and Corbyn in charge…they wouldn’t, would they? I hope your certainty is mistaken. The Country would be forever changed…..Venezuela that way lies.

    • jdgarfunkle

      I suspect the author is confusing the media’s remainer rantings with reality. Meanwhile the A50 clock ticks on day by day.

      • Robert Jones

        I don’t know where the author can possibly be getting his facts from but they don’t chime with the newspapers and news blogs that I subscribe to! He should lay off the BBC as a source of distorted facts and think clearly instead of letting his Remainer views ooze into the daylight.

        • Peter Divey

          BBC? Never watch it…as you say nothing but fake news.

      • r3d3

        I suspect the A50 deadline is Leave’s only real card given the broken cabinet and the remainer majority HoC. Come the day tho, and very likely no finalised exit agreement, the pressure on May to capitulate and beg for an extension (open ended no doubt) is going to be enormous. The only likely countervailing force will be the willingness of 48 Tory Mps to summarily sack her. I’m not hopeful myself..

        • Peter Divey

          Time…and money, huge amounts of our money. Only cards we really have. There is no appetite to depose May even though she is playing these cards very badly. On purpose?

          • r3d3

            Agree there seems no appetite to depose May. At present. The assumption in her Mp electorate seems to be that she is actually heading for the exit, however ineptly. But on A50 day I think it likely she (and it has to be a PM) will ask (beg) for an A50 extension. Then (some of) her MPs will see her in a different light.

            As for ‘purpose’, well she fairly obviously put ambition before principle during the Ref. Wouldn’t put it past her to repeat. That is, if she still wants the job.

            • Big Les

              Bolleaux to that. No progress on the €U’s part by Christmas amd we issue notice that we will be walking away on Jan 1st. There is nothing like a deadline to concentrate peoples attention – and we don’t need anything passed into law in regard to that as Article-50 states quite clearly that that IS the deadline. We could of course CHOOSE to walk away sooner if we so wished.

      • Peter Divey

        The ticking clock stops for no man….even an EU negotiator.

    • Baron_Jackfield

      As our balance of trade is in the EU’s favour, shouldn’t we be negociating how much the EU is willing to pay for access to our market? As it is, the situation is ludicrous, not just the government’s lawyers but those in the EU as well reckon that there is no legal libility to pay anything, yet our spineless “EU negociating team” seem to have no thought other than how much taxpayers’ money they can p*ss away donating to Junker’s bar bill and the rest of the leeches perks and pensions.

      • Peter Divey

        Logical, sensible….won’t happen!

    • Jolly Radical

      And the irony of all ironies . . . given this week’s fiasco in Germany, even the mighty Merkel may not be in office much longer!

      The timing is almost perfect for the UK to assert itself . . . but, as you say, even the “Brexiteers” in the cabinet are playing for the other side.

      • Peter Divey

        JR…remarkable new tactic now being wheeled out by the EU. Tusk just said that Putin “interfered” with the Brexit vote. So they are going to try to go down that path…which has caused mayhem in the U.S.

      • Peter Divey

        JR…yes, the timing is optimal, but…only to hand over more and more, and not just money. We will be required to “shadow” EU values so that no advantages can be gained from Brexit. Fishing rights, ECJ oversight, all baubles to sweeten the deal. Hopefully the EU will demand even more, and our Govt. will wise up and walk…

    • Bandmomma

      Yes I totally agree with every word, Theresa May and her government have humbled this Great Nation before the eyes of the world. The EU and now even tiny inconsequential Ireland are just slapping us about. We all feel impotent with rage, but the politicians turn their tin ears to our hurt cries. Most of them will be gone before we can exact revenge on them!

      • Peter Divey

        It is remarkable how cowed by the EU we are…but why?

        • Big Les

          Because the political class are in the pay of the €U (substitute the name George Soros, if it helps to clarify matters).

        • r3d3

          44years of perks for the UK establishment, funded by our EU contribs, has created a Remainer Blob at the heart of the UK.

          Their loyalties are not with the people.

          • Peter Divey

            Democracy can be a nuisance…

        • Bandmomma

          Because they can and are allowed to, would Margaret Thatcher have tolerated one fraction of the bullying coming from these EU thugs? I very much doubt it.

          • Peter Divey

            I am still waiting for May to be “bloody difficult”…more in hope than expectation.

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