BBC silent over EU arrest warrant sham


BBC silent over EU arrest warrant sham

Far from promoting access to justice, European Arrest Warrants are helping to extend the reach of sub-standard legal systems, says Rory Broomfield.

Brexit gives the UK a golden opportunity to change its relationship with the European Union. We have a chance to reframe our laws so that English legal freedoms are respected and that those in the UK are not exposed to the injustices that happen elsewhere in the EU. However, while the UK still signs up to arrangements like the European Arrest Warrant, with instances of injustice that come from it every year, why are the BBC and other broadcast media ignoring the situation and those afflicted by it?

The current relationship treats the UK’s legal system as comparable to those of Romania, Bulgaria and other former Communist states throughout Eastern Europe. I’ve written about this before and mentioned, as is still the case, that this premise is a falsehood; these legal systems are not comparable. Nonetheless, these states – with their poor records on corruption and for respecting property rights – are all seen to be the same and, as a result, those living in the UK are in danger of being subject to these systems without proper checks to prevent it.

There have been many reports covering the sub-standard legal systems seen throughout Europe. Three relatively recent ones have been produced by Fair Trials International, The Henry Jackson Society and one jointly between The Hampden Trust, The Freedom Association and the Economic Policy Centre. They all show, in short, very worrying practices concerning judicial independence, trial hearings and the implementation of the rule of law in countries that are covered by the European Arrest Warrant.

However, there has hardly been a mention the European Arrest Warrant on the BBC since the Brexit vote. Indeed, it is especially worrying that they have failed to cover a case of potential great injustice: that of Alexander Adamescu.

Alexander Adamescu is a German national living in London with his wife and three young children. Arrested at the Frontline Club in London last year, according to David Clark the only evidence against Adamescu appears to be that he has continued to campaign for his father.

Alexander’s plight has been covered in The Daily Mail, The Spectator, The Telegraph and many other magazines, newspapers, online blogs and publications in Romania, the UK and the USA. However, nothing from the BBC.

There have even been allegations that the Romanian Secret Service has tried to kidnap his wife on the streets of London and yet silence from “Auntie Beeb” as it continues to focus purely on UK membership of the Single Market and the Customs Union. Memo to the BBC: there are other important aspects to our relationship with the EU to discuss.

Ignoring Alexander’s case is distressing to anyone that believes in traditional English legal freedoms concerning prima facie evidence, fair trials and the rule of law.  However, what is maybe more bizarre is why there has been apparent silence from the BBC and others concerning the case of Stuart Ramsay.

Stuart Ramsay is a multi-award winning investigative journalist who produced a report on arms trafficking in Romania for Sky News. For this, Romania accused Ramsay of fabricating the report and requested legal assistance from the UK to investigate him while arresting three Romanians associated with the programme in Romania. 

As a result, Ramsay and his case received a lot of attention on Twitter – prompting Ramsay himself to ask ‘Romania to stop trolling’. The case was covered in The Independent, The Guardian, The Daily Express and elsewhere. However, not on the BBC and other UK broadcasting networks.

Broadcasters in the UK, especially the BBC, have previously covered major cases concerning UK nationals and the European Arrest Warrant such as Andrew Symeou and Ashya King. Given that cases are still occurring that illustrate the problems with the UK’s relationship with the EU and countries like Romania, the question has to be asked: why are they ignoring these cases?

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  • Rory Broomfield
    Rory Broomfield
    Rory Broomfield is Director of The Freedom Association and the Better Off Out campaign. He is an authority on the EU and has written a number of books including his latest, co-authored with Iain Murray, Cutting the Gordian Knot: A Roadmap for British Exit from the European Union. He has previously worked in the City of London and in Westminster for a number of Members of Parliament, including the current Prime Minister, Theresa May; the current Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Graham Brady; and Sir Richard Shepherd.
    • Zip Cosmic

      The BBC is so intrinsically left wing that we have seen newbie BBC Breakfast anchor presenters Dan Walker and Steph McGovern struggle to hide their ideology. The pair couldn’t reconcile the NHS is stressed because of the population has increased faster than the tax revenue to provide more services, which also puts wages under pressure and causes the rises of anti-immigrant sentiment. The BBC news and current affairs programs are manufactured by a group of urban liberal elitists who will shout down anyone who disagrees with them. The rest of the BBC is fine.

    • Susanna

      You might like to read this great article on Antonio Gramsci – considered the father of modern-day progressives / cultural marxists who directed the left-wing socialist agenda towards the classrooms and public institutions ( ie, the BBC ).

      The article isn’t at all dry but is, in fact, a real eye opener on what’s going on within Britain and the wider Western world.

      • Mojo

        Our children chose not to go to university and we were proud that they made their own informed decisions. We had been questioning the education system for years. Our children are now in their middle thirties. We also noticed how many institutions were not functioning independently and government in particular seemed to have no common sense.
        However, since the referendum it has been noticeable how very aggressive the remain camp have been and how easily so many young people swallow hook line and sinker the very untruthful rhetoric of their lecturers, project fear, and indeed the EU. But more noticeable is how little education these youngsters have actually received.

        Unfortunately Gramsci (and I had read about him a while ago) as with all socialists/communists are not interested in the welfare of a nation, they are only interested in the power they can hold over their country or the world. And yet their sinister teachings covered in honey have succeeded beyond all expectations. It will take a complete clear down of our Civil Service and government, our education system and especially our judiciary. Many do not realise how deeply they have been indoctrinated so I think we can change their minds, through education!!!! One of my biggest concerns has always been that government want us in education during the most informative years of our lives. I have always believed that education should not start in earnest until we are 6yrs old. We should be in the home environment. I believe as long as we have the ability to read,write and count we can go into the wider world by the age of 15yrs to earn our Spurs. We can then educate ourselves in whichever way we need for whatever job or path we want to take. If we wish to become teachers we should be of the highest calibre in every way. Teachers play such an important part of our lives and most are not up to the job. I must think this was all part of the plan

        • Susanna

          Mojo – thank you for your reply.

          I too have read (with concern), that socialists now hold sway inside many universities and schools by preventing any balanced discussions or debates from both sides of the political divide.

          Apparently, the socialist bully any dissenters into submission by calling them similar names to those used against Brexiters , so your children have , thankfully, been spared all of that.

          The good news is that as the younger, impressionable people grow up and go out into the real world they soon start to think independently and, as a result , see the world through more mature and clearer eyes.

          I think this is what’s happening now inside and outside of civic and educational institutions. More and more people now see what’s been going on and are trying to free themselves and our country from a very deceitful, Left-wing / Right wing ‘Grand Alliance ‘ of politicians who are intent to bring about their NWO whatever the cost.

          Yes, we certainly do need to clear out those second-rate ideologists from our British schools , councils and NGOs – perhaps we could start with the BBC, Sky news and Channel 4 ?

        • FrancescaMacfarlane

          This takeover of the universities by the left has been just as bad in the USA as in the UK. However a fightback spearheaded by the delightful Milo Yiannopoulos in his protracted “Dangerous Faggot” tour of the major university campuses of the US has been very successfull in bringing enlightenment to the students regarding the undesirable socialist indoctrination they are being subjected to by their professors.
          See “MILO Receives Annie Taylor Award For Courage at David Horowitz Restoration Weekend” at for a sample of our homegrown hero (Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys in Canterbury and Cambridge University)

    • BonniePrinceCharlie

      Pro-Remain + anti-Trump – and we’re paying for it. Shameful.

    • digitaurus

      It sounds from the article that the way in which the European Arrest Warrant operates needs to be reformed. Presumably EU citizens require greater protection from exposure to corrupt policing, politicians etc. in other EU countries. I guess there are two possible mechanisms: (i) greater supra-national justice protection (European Courts presumably), (ii) greater ability for (say) the receiving country to challenge the requesting country’s warrant. But all this is moot as we are leaving the EU, so we now have no say in any moves to reform the European Arrest Warrant. We are left with the binary choice of whether to participate in the European Arrest Warrant structure after exiting the EU. Presumably the answer is ‘no’.

      • Leo Savantt

        Mrs. May as Home Secretary had the chance not to re-sign the UK up to the EAW, she chose not to do so, unlike the Danes who most sensibly opted out.

        The EAW can not be reformed, because its existence is an anathema to the very concept of justice. A warrant issued in one country can be served on someone who may never have even visited the issuing country, no evidence needs to be presented. The arrested are deported overnight immediately after arrest with no right or opportunity of rebuttal or appeal, they can be held for a six month period, indefinitely extendable, without even being charged in some countries. Over 100,000 warrants have already been issued, perhaps as many as 250,000; no proper figures are collected. We do not know how many innocents have been falsely removed from their homes and imprisoned abroad, although certainly there have been serious cases of mistaken identity, simply having the same name as the one on a warrant is enough to have your life ruined.

        The issuing of warrants by prosecutors is open to corruption on massive scale, for business, political or even reasons of vengeance, made especially so due to the lack of a requirement for evidence, prima facie or otherwise. The EAW epitomizes everything that is wrong with the EU, unjust, authoritarian and inept. Sadly it was a Brit who championed the EAW in Brussels, the Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson, who was even knighted for his trouble.

        • Mojo

          So many people in our government come straight from the very socialist environment of University. It corrupts sensible thinking because they have been taught to ‘group think’. I truly don’t think the Home Office even thought about UK citizens. They see us as European citizens under EU law. EU is becoming a Socialist Federal state, and I believe our government was taking us towards that.

          • Leo Savantt

            I believe that you are right and I also fear, probably credibly, that Mrs. May plans to keep us in the EU in all but name.

    • dred

      If it had been a UK hacker wanted by the Americans they would have been all over the case but it involves their beloved sponsors the E.U. and European law.

    • Dorothy Wilson

      The BBC ignores anything – and everything – that may show the EU in a negative light. And just listen to the number of times any good news about this country is either prefaced by “the government has defended ….” or followed by “…..but….”

    • Shadow Warrior

      It’s the unique way the BBC is funded you see.

    • Malcolm

      More worrying is not the BBC ignoring this and other deficiencies in our European relationship which don’t fit its apparent narrative of unquestioning support for EU membership, but rather the fact that it was our present prime minister who, whilst serving as home secretary, decided to sign us up to this EAW charade. I remember her enthusiastically defending that decision by claiming how it would make us all so much safer with never even a passing nod to the fact that for the first time since Magna Carta an Englishman in England was being stripped of basic protection from unjust legal process. The idea that there is judicial equivalence across the 28 countries of the EU is yet one more fantasy peddled in the pursuit of the dream of a Federal European state. As long as she is in post there is no chance of us escaping this Orwellian construct even if (when) we escape the clutches of the EU itself. We need to jettison not just this arrangement but also membership of Europol which, given our long standing membership of Interpol, is a wholly unnecessary duplication.

      • Alan

        Absolutely correct. Europol officers even have diplomatic immunity, which scares the living daylights out of me; quis custodet ipso custodes and all that.

        • Mojo

          As information comess forth, as it will with Brexit being followed so closely by so much of the country now, I think Theresa May’s inadequacies will also show up. I think she is probably a socialist at heart and genuinely believes in the one size fits us all and we can look after everyone via government laws. However, the world is changing fast and the EU will be unrecognisable within 18 months so come 2020 we may have another seismic political move in UK.

    • Dartfordian

      The BBC has always been very selective as to which items, or causes, it reports on in it’s news and current affairs programmes. For instance, the slightest transgression by a Tory or UKIP official will be gleefully reported whilst more serious behaviour by those of the left (Keith Vaz anyone?) will either be ignored completely (ie censored) or closed down as soon as possible after minimal coverage.

    • Tom Burroughes

      The BBC cannot comprehend that the EU does or permits bad things to happen. The perils of the EAW are outside the mental universe of “Aunty”.

    • Road_Hog

      Subscription is the only way for the BBC. It does not mean that it will change however, and become decent and independent of mind. No, it will carry on the same, it’s just that it will commit financial suicide as there are only so many Guardian reading Islingtonistas and all funding will have dried up.

      They won’t be missed.

    • MarcusJuniusBrutus

      The story inconveniently contradicts the Beebs position that everything is wonderful and EU land and we all regret the Brexit vote. No wonder they haven’t covered it.

    • geordieboy

      The BBC is in a position to do and say what it likes. The incessant Pro EU propaganda will continue until the government decides in its infinite wisdom that it is time to pull the plug on its taxpayer funding. The government had its chance just before the referendum but Whittingdale was skewered by Cameron in order for the BBC to continue the scaremongering.

      • springmellon

        Quite right Cameron was fighting for his political career during the Referendum and needed the BBC on his side, pumping out Pro-remain propaganda. Obviously he wasn’t going to antagonize the BBC with long overdue reform at that time.

        Now the BBC can continue on with their anti-Brexit propaganda safe in the knowledge that they have the licence for another 11 years and OFCOM’s content panel stuffed with ex-BBC employees. (

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