Dr Stephen Barber

June 11, 2019

Tory Leadership Contenders – is this the best we can do?

The outcome of the leadership election will do more than select a new Tory leader, it will give the UK its next prime minister. So far the array of candidates has done little to inspire, says Dr Stephen Barber.
May 9, 2019

Behold the strange return of British pluralist politics

Dr. Stephen Barber argues that the forthcoming European elections will see many voters ditch traditional party allegiances in favour of third-party candidates. In response, the main parties will become more hard-line leaving the centre-ground up for grabs. 
April 27, 2019

The tragic failings of Theresa May

Theresa May was always going to be the ‘Brexit Prime Minister’, being dealt a challenging political hand. But today her premiership is on life support and her withdrawal policy in tatters. Was this failure inevitable? Maybe not, argues Dr Stephen Barber, Director of MBA at the University of Bedfordshire.
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