January 31, 2017

Anti-Israeli boycotts are anti-Semitic

Anti-Israeli boycotts are anti-Semitic

The excuses peddled by many of the organisations and groups that boycott Israel are nothing but a cloak with which to disguise their entrenched anti-Semitic views, says Tamir Wertzberger.

“…The neighbourhood bully just lives to survive

He’s criticized and condemned for being alive

He’s not supposed to fight back, he’s supposed to have thick skin

He’s supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in

He’s the neighbourhood bully

The neighbourhood bully been driven out of every land

He’s wandered the earth an exiled man

Seen his family scattered, his people hounded and torn

He’s always on trial for just being born

He’s the neighbourhood bully…”

This song, ‘neighbourhood bully’, was written by 2016 Literature Nobel Prize laureate Bob Dylan in 1983, about the state of Israel and its struggle against its enemies.

Growing up we learnt at school that bullying or boycotting someone is considered violence and deeply wrong, and that we must be a more accepting and tolerant society, but what happens when we are talking about entire countries on an international level? Is boycott a legitimate tool to put pressure on some governments, as BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement) and other anti-Israeli organisations claim, or is it just another way of demonizing and hurting specific groups, with racial motivations?

To answer that question first, we need to ask – what is the aim?

History is full of examples of sanctions from the international community towards one state, but these sanctions were always directed towards a non-democratic state, and always turned only against that country’s regime, not the citizens themselves.

So, if you ask the boycott Israel movements and activists what they are trying to achieve they will of course tell you that they are trying “to stop the Israeli occupation”. If this is what they are asking for, for what they see as a human rights violation to stop, why are they calling to boycott every corner of Israel and every Israeli, and why do they threaten Jews in general, wherever on earth they may be?

The answer is very simple – none of the boycott Israel movements and organisations believe in the “two state solution” or in any other solution that involves the existence of a Jewish state. They simply want to see the state of Israel disappear, and their strategy is to present Israel – a democratic state – and all the Israeli citizens and generally Jewish people as the most evil creation on earth, because only the most evil country or people in the world wouldn’t deserve the right to exist. And if you don’t have the right to exist, nobody will care how many suicide bombers or rockets hit you. They use the worst terminologies from the worst regimes in the history of humanity, such as “apartheid”, “fascists” or even “ethnic cleansing” and “holocaust” and apply them to Israel, without any connection to facts and truth.

These movements and organisations calling to boycott Israel represent nothing less than pure anti-Semitism and hatred, and we must always remember that even the holocaust under the Nazi regime started with a boycott on Jews in 1933. Boycott is violence; boycotting Israel is Anti-Semitism.

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Tamir Wertzberger
Tamir Wertzberger

Tamir Wertzberger is a reserves captain and intelligence officer in the Israeli army and International Relations Coordinator in the Likud party. He is also a Vice-Chairman of the International Young Democrat Union and a Vice-Chairman of the European Young Conservatives. Currently studying for a BA in political science and the middle east, he lives in a village in the north of Israel and has over 6 years experience in Israeli advocacy and diplomacy and the struggle against Anti-Semitism.

  • Angry Screed

    Modern science has falsified the Khazar hypothesis. This is probably above your pay grade. http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v466/n7303/abs/nature09103.html

  • Reborn

    Sadly, your ravings are not justified.
    If only jewish influence could destroy the EU/Fourth Reich, that abominable anti democratic,
    Hamas supporting, corrupt, Russia provoking, dictatorship.
    What a wonderful world it would be.

  • Reborn

    “their increasing reliance on a muslim vote i fully expect it to get worse from the left before it gets any better.”
    If muslims did not hate Jews, Labour which is now the Muslim Party of Great Britain, would not
    be interested in attacking Israel. One of the most free, tolerant & democratic states on Earth.
    The muslim takeover of Labour has been facilitated by several facts.
    1. Labour looks for victims to support.
    2. The indigenous proletariat are victims of mass immigration, but they don’t like socialism.
    3. Muslims who care to do so can, & do, vote many times thanks to Blair’s corrupt
    postal voting & slack checks at the ballot where persons may vote despite disguising their
    faces & even their genders.
    4 Muslims have large families, all controlled by the senior male who orders & supervises postal votes.
    etc etc

  • Reborn

    I dislike the term “anti semitism” as it is not specific enough.
    Just as I dislike the term “asian” when referring to muslim immigrants.
    Again, not specific, too vague.
    Let’s call these people what they are.
    Jew Haters.

  • Arrow Durfee

    cant be anti- semetic if one is not semetic. Most of the Jews in the EU and the USA have not one damned drop of semetic blood in them. wake up folks. Zionists are ruling the US government and the banks. They are not true from the tribe of Israel but a bunch of converts under force from the 800s, in Khazar…. hell bent on destruction of the EU and world domination.

  • geo

    told this before but worth repeating.
    last year had a labour party type at my door. canvassing support for their dying party in glasgow. He got onto the subject of condemning israel for its latest ‘atrocity’. I pointed out it was a limited response to hamas rocketing the southern border villiages.
    “thats unjustified. Its a war crime” was the party type’s reply.

    so I started quizing him on what wasnt a war crime in self defence:
    carpet bomb gaza – war crime (fair enough)
    major incursion to destroy missile stocks – war crime
    limited action to destroy strikes (helicoper raids) – war crime
    special forces raids – war crime
    sniper teams to take out hamas personnel launching missles into israel – war crime

    so I concluded what you say is that no action israel takes to defend itself from hamas’ rocket attacks is justified. is that correct?
    the rep agreed that was correct
    “so what you want is the jews to sit there and be slaughtered without defending themselves is that correct?”

    at which point the rep realized just where he had put himself, looked terrified and literally ran down the stairs and out of my close. The left hate the jews/israel and with their increasing reliance on a muslim vote i fully expect it to get worse from the left before it gets any better.
    as I always write in any leftie petitions to condemn israel for defending itself … Am Yisrael Chai!

  • Nockian

    Why is being anti-Israeli considered anti-semetic ? Even the uk guidelines on anti-semitism recognise a right to criticise Israel.

    By the way I’m pro-Israel so don’t jump down my neck.

  • Accipiter67

    BDS : bombast and double standards.
    They are a disgrace, with a twisted view of democracy,especially when it concerns the Middle East’s only functioning democratic country.
    Shame on them!

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