Terrorism can never win


Terrorism can never win

It is the terrorists’ inability to understand our culture and system of values at the backbone of our society, which means they are incapable of victory, argues Rory Broomfield.

The atrocious attacks in London yesterday weren’t just attacks on our city, but a set of values. Those that resort to such cowardly acts will never win.

The attacks were sick, depraved and horrific. The individual involved, who is yet to be named, perpetrated an act not just against those innocent individuals that he brutally murdered and injured, but against the values that the people of the United Kingdom hold dear.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been killed and injured, along with their families. The murdered police officer, Keith Palmer, had a wife and child. He died in the service of his country – protecting its people, institutions and values.

Those who died and were injured all had plans for the future – now changed through these acts of evil. It must remain a reminder to us all to make the most of our lives – and inform the institutions of our society through democratic and just means.

This is because, above all, the terror attacks in Westminster showed cowardice. These individuals are cowards who do not engage – or respect – the fundamental legal, cultural and political institutions that help make up and inform our society. Instead of participating in processes that have developed over centuries, they use a binary logic of destruction.

The wanton disrespect for our culture and values pose a significant question mark over how to deal with such an issue.

Our security services should rightly be applauded for their courageous work to help protect us; however, it would be only too easy for government – in a naïve effort to protect its citizens from such evil – to empower the security services with the powers necessary to inadvertently transform the country into a draconian police state.

This would be wrong – and would run against the fundamental principles of a free society. It could also be counterproductive: creating cumbersome bureaucracy and hindering the authorities in their attempts to adapt to future threats. Rather, those in power should review and prepare to evolve the operational capabilities of the services to adapt to the real and present threat.

A successful response to these attacks must also see wider society play an active part. The vast majority of people in this country contribute daily to help define the institutions, activities and values that make up our country – whether it be through business or public service. We must never forget the role we play, and the responsibility we bear, to inform the processes that ensure the fabric of society remains strong and that the state is able to adapt appropriately.

Yesterday’s attacks should remind us all of our duty to inform our society in a proactive and constructive way. Our values and our approach to finding solutions is what makes this country great. It is something that the terrorists do not understand, do not engage with and will, therefore, never be able to claim victory.

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  • Rory Broomfield
    Rory Broomfield
    Rory Broomfield is Director of The Freedom Association and the Better Off Out campaign. He is an authority on the EU and has written a number of books including his latest, co-authored with Iain Murray, Cutting the Gordian Knot: A Roadmap for British Exit from the European Union. He has previously worked in the City of London and in Westminster for a number of Members of Parliament, including the current Prime Minister, Theresa May; the current Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Graham Brady; and Sir Richard Shepherd.
    • @ArfurZTowcrate

      spoken like a real facist

    • Salmondnet

      Short answer, no it won’t.

    • The Banana

      Nonsense from start to end.

      a) It was not an “individual”. There may indeed have been a single person at the tip of the spear, but this was not a lone nut. He had support networks, and a framework for his ideology validated by others.
      b) He was not a “coward”. He was a fanatic. There might be many negative qualities to being a fanatic but cowardice isn’t one of them.
      c) They will never win? Why not? They won in (formerly) Christian Lebanon.
      d) This isn’t going to end just because of ‘coming together’ or some other touchy feely rot. it happened because it was allowed to happen, because some people choose to believe that no danger exists because they don’t like Nigel Farage or some such other logical fallacy.

    • Calvin Graham

      What a horrible week all round but, nonetheless, here’s my cartoon and attempt to satirise the last few days:

    • Neil2

      But it did when Blair capitulated to the IRA.

    • Badger

      Every single muslim state in the world was at one time taken over by islam. So don’t tell me terrorism never wins. It most certainly does.

      Oh but that was centuries ago! – oh, yeah? How long will Sweden last? Greece? Italy?

    • getahead

      Terrorism can never win what? Stupid placatory comment. Tell that to the families of all the poor people who have been murdered or hurt by this/these terrorist/s.
      Islam is winning because we are doing nothing to beat it.

    • Blowmedown

      Terrorists always win. Sinn Fein in government, the ANC in government, Mugabe in government, Mao, Stalin. Get real. The only way to defeat terrorists is with massive overwhelming deadly force; backed up by political will.

    • franknowzad

      Of course the terrorists will win. We refuse to even start fighting and import more of their sponging relatives for them to hide behind each year.

    • oneeyedman

      If I were playing “platitudes” Bingo , your articled would have been a winner. Same as with the Brexit campaign , totally out of touch with the views of the general population.

    • Prompt Critical

      But terrorism does sometimes win – in fact, quite often.

      For example, the IRA terrorists have pretty well won in Northern Ireland; that’s why McGuinness got to hold the position he did, and why Gerry Adams is still there.

      And in Syria the terrorists more or less had won with their revolt, until the Russians providentially came in to help the legitimate Government of President Assad. Without their timely help, we’d have a terrorist Islamic state firmly established in Damascus right now.

      And what about Mao Tse-Tung? What were the Chinese Communists but terrorists?

      • Michael990

        And we gave up thriving countries in Africa into the hands of corrupt ex terrorists, the results of which can clearly be seen in the continent’s decline since we left.

    • Ravenscar

      Mind numbing trash, as per.

      This is, an existential battle and our craven surrender kultur – mult cult – the authorities are fighting for the opposition and on the side of Iz lam.

    • Gordon Stewart

      you cannot “bring it into line” it belongs in the bronze age so it should be left there,most lefty politicos see it as a bounty of votes,there lies the problem

    • Dynamo11

      The longer we ignore the elephant in the room the more these attacks will occur and escalate. Simply protecting ourselves from the effects simply do not change the underlying causes. Legislate against Islam in this country, bring it in line with the 21st century and watch as either those incline either leave or simply adapt.

      • R M

        My boy, very few people care about those things over actual major issues like the economy, health or schooling.

        • Utterances

          And if our country is given away we won’t have any of the above.

    • TRAV1S

      Bullshit, only two days ago half the political and media establishment were praising a Radical Irish Terrorist as a man of peace.

    • Martin Adamson

      I notice that you do not once mention the word “Islam” in your article? Any reason?

      • Riesler

        Because they’ve won?

        • Martin Adamson

          You got it.

    • Stuart Fairney

      Warm words, but more than platitudes are now required.

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