Sturgeon’s no different to Trump


Sturgeon’s no different to Trump

Nicola Sturgeon and Donald Trump have more in common than just their Scottish ancestry. They are both shifty political opportunists hiding behind the roguery of fake patriotism, says Bill Blain.

“For Brutus is an honourable man; So are they all, all honourable men…”

Something died within me yesterday. Friends have long known I had something of a soft-spot for Scotland’s first minister – Nicola Sturgeon. I admired her gallus, her feisty Weegie-ness, her “in-yer-face” approach, and was delighted she took so well to the world stage. (To be fair, the ice-cold eyes were something of a concern.) The fact she appalled most Englishman made me even happier.

How foolish I was. Not the first time an Ayrshire girl has fooled me…

You could say yesterday’s demands for a Second Referendum was a brilliant piece of political timing, a finely tipped dagger plunged deep into the heart of already distracted Westminster.

But no..

Yesterday was crass politics. Cynical and insincere.

It lifted the veil on Scottish Nationalism. It exposed Sturgeon as a shifty political opportunist hiding behind the roguery of fake patriotism. She is just another chancer, looking to exploit the political instability left by the abject failure of liberal democracy to solve anything these past 50 years. She is wedded to the political goals of the SNP – break the union at any cost. AT ANY COST – and pay the piper later.

Sturgeon is no different to Trump – shout enough lies loud enough and often enough and some of them will become the truth. She’s lifted the playbook straight from the St Petersburg Soviet about 100 years ago.

I think the market gets it. The lack of panic in Gilts following the announcement suggests either the market doesn’t care, it isn’t worried, and that it considers the likelihood of a successful independence vote to be low. I hope they are right!

The reality that Scotland voted in 2014 to remain in the Union offends Sturgeon – so she simply denies the legitimacy of the last referendum under the veneer everything changed. She refuses to acknowledge the fact Scotland’s GDP is running a massive and unsustainable 11 per cent deficit. She would have us believe the obsolete oil industry will restore the nation’s wealth – blithely pretending the new reality of cheaper US shale will keep prices at a level where the deeper parts of the North Sea remain irrelevant for decades.

She pretends Scotland has some special relationship with Europe. It’s no more part of the EU than Norfolk. She tells the voters Scotland will remain in the EU. Nato was quick to remind her yesterday that Scotland will have to apply for membership – a factor other members will block to avoid similar constitutional breakup.

If you want an example of how poorly Scotland has been performing over these past 20 years, you just have to look at the sharp contrast between Scottish and London house prices…

Much has to happen before a second destabilising referendum – and in that time we can but hope for Scottish voters to wake up the brutal reality of the SNP administration: hiding looming economic disaster behind demands for special treatment from London. Support for the SNP is falling, but they don’t face an election until 2021 – by which time the second vote will have been and gone.

The one thing I am sure of: if Nicola Sturgeon wants independence from the English, the way to achieve it would be to give Englishmen the vote in the next referendum (a chum suggested I start this morning’s Porridge with the Disney Classic from Frozen – Let it Go!)

The Old Burns Song: “Such a parcel of rogues in a nation…” was written about the sale of Scottish Independence to England in 1707. We were forced into that Union by the fact we’d bankrupted ourselves in stupidity and the ill-considered Darien adventure. History has a horrible way of repeating itself.

The reality for markets now is likely further sterling uncertainty piled upon uncertainty.

But, at the end of the day – it’s never going to be as bad as we think it will be. While the Scots are proud, daft and unpredictable… we’re not as stupid as that… Are we?

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  • Bill Blain
    Bill Blain
    Bill Blain is Strategist and Head of Capital Markets at Mint Partners, a leading agency brokerage owned by, but independent of, BGC Partners. He has over 30-years experience of investment bank and fixed income markets in particular: including spells as head of FIG at Bear Stearns in the 1990s, DCM at HSBC during the 2000s, and the development of new agency brokerage solutions to the liquidity crisis this decade. He is a regular commentator on financial markets. He joined Mint in 2012 to help expand the firm’s ability to provide clients with non-bank liquidity across complex transactions.
    • Falcoperegrinus

      It’s perfectly straightforward. If we all stopped watching the box and refused to pay the licence fee, the BBC would come to heel very quickly indeed. Actually, it would not need all licence fee payers to do this. A mere 10% or 15% would result in a massive cashflow problem for them and then they would be open to reform of the licensing system.

    • Paul in Eastern Europe

      The agenda of (the traitors at) the BBC and their friends (puppet masters) in the EU is to refuse to admit BREXIT is the overdue rational response to the greed, bad government and bad judicial decisions of the EU, so their propaganda pretends that is was less educated people who voted against EU membership and these people were motivated by rac.ism because they objected to Eastern European immigrants.

      This is a hugely damaging narrative. The UK Government must stop the BBC repeating lies that libel a majority of UK voters as ignorant rac.sts, UK influence and UK exports are being gravely damaged because, very few people want to buy products or listen to advice from a bunch of ignorant rac.ists.

    • Malcolm Marchesi

      There has been interminable discussion of the BBC’s standards of reporting etc etc and to date no action has been taken to correct it’s blatant bias against the so-called populist trends in present day society .The longer this continues , the more drastic the re-action will be when it finally happens , as of course it will . The BBC has simply become a mouthpiece for the so-called liberal metropolitan leftist elite and no longer connects in any way with the vast majority of the British public . All recent Governments have failed to understand this fact and have allowed these pseudo-sophisticates to carry on broadcasting their ridiculous propaganda to an audience that is shrinking almost daily and has nothing in common with the people who push it out . When the day of reckoning arrives ( again , as it surely will ) the cries of the fools who have ignored the warnings will be heartbreaking but will be in vain . Roll on the day !

    • Selena M/

      i like his arguments and presentation tho i disagree ppl getting disability benefits costing the economy billions tho i think its a pinch of salt considering how much is spent supporting the royal family i know its an old argument bt still

    • Nockian

      I can’t help but think that an epidemic which now appears to link to criminal behaviour is somewhat stretching the bounds of mental illness. Any irrational actor could deemed ‘mentally ill’ and there is something Orwellian in that declaration. I can make make a prediction that the form of mental illness which has no material biological cause will continue to grow exponentially in our civilisation.

      The reason is to do with self-esteem which is someone’s own worthiness to their own life and happiness. In a society where men aren’t free, then they are not free to reason, nor to take control of their lives-they develop a tendency towards helplessness, apathy and nihilism. It’s made worse when we are unable to see the shackles and walls of the prison.

      The rise in mental health issues is a naturally corollary to living in a cell who’s walls are invisible, but the effect of those walls whilst not physical are certainly a pressure on the consciousness of human beings. Mental illness will become the norm and I can only see sticking plasters of drug cocktails and CBT style therapies being taken as cures for a far more serious underlying problem which is our current philosophy. If we feed the body poisonous junk food all our lives, then our bodies will become physical wrecks -but we can clearly see the damage, but our consciousness is far more fragile.

      Fill our consciousness with floating concepts, poor integrations and the General rubbish that flows from our modern state education and mass media and you can be assured that the damage will be many times more destructive than junk food on the body. With the body we can reverse it by removing the junk food, but we cannot remove the consciousness from the current philosophical junk-we can only numb people to the damage by removing their minds from reality.

    • Nephthys

      If the Conservative Party had any enduring self-respect they would cut the beast down to size. These are all avoidable humiliations.

    • John WB

      Well Bill Blain, if you’re as stupid as to have had any admiration for Sturgeon, even if you appear to claim you have now come to your senses, then I’m very glad you’re hands are not on my finances. People like you should not be allowed anywhere near anyone’s personal finances if you could not immediately spot that Sturgeon was a “chancer”.

    • MoreSilentMajority

      nicola fish thinks if she keeps having referenda that eventually she will win one. all we need to do is lose one, she can lose many.

      it’s ridiculous anyway, she does NOT want real independence for scotland. it’s a smoke screen – she wants to, after winning, turn over scotland’s sovereignty to the european union of socialist states as a minor province, with her as a little fish in their pond. she wants to keep the border with england open, ridiculous – if she lets anyone who wants in from the EU, they can then filter down to england making a mockery of any border control. we’d be swamped by illegal immigrants, er i mean undocumented socialists.

      a vote for snp, or a vote for scottish snp style ‘independence’, is a vote for perpetual subservience to the EU super state and their unelected oligarchic Eurocracy.

    • lojolondon

      Among the brainless elite and MSM, the safe way to get an article printed is to have a go at Trump, so we find a bland assassination of Sturgeon with insults to Trump included. Nothing in common, I am afraid. Trump is a patriot who is going to cut down big government, bring jobs back to middle America and restore the USA as a world power, totally ignoring the PC lobby. Sturgeon is a proper Socialist, running a massive and steadily increasing deficit with reducing productivity and costs, and absolutely zero plan to balance the books at any time. She lives off the teat of those she most despises – the British taxpayer – and does damage to the rest of the UK – none more so than the Welsh, who are disproportionately disadvantaged by Scotland’s excellent terms.

    • Badger

      I’d believe Trump long before I’d believe anything Sturgeon says. An he makes sense.

    • flippit

      It’s all so depressing. They’ll just deny every true fact and spin every statement and keep on snarking and the Scottish people have given them the authority to do it (apparently SNP are set to take control of Glasgow City council in May). Yet in England we pay more for the privilege of allowing them to do it. Maybe the Union has had its day, I for one won’t be sorry to see the back end of this.

      • John WB

        I’m afraid Glasgow is full of benefit scrounging SNP supporters, just like Dundee.

    • Tad Stone

      I would like a shot vote for Scotland to leave from here in Gloucestershire. Sturgeon is a dreadful woman, full of her own importance like Gina Miller and Diane Abbott. Scotland deserves a lot better.

    • Derek

      Political beliefs are based on emotion and never reason. The emotion centres are an early part of the brain and therefore take precedence over reasoning.which came much later in evolutionary terms.
      Unfortunately the political brain lies even to itself, well before it lies to you .
      See Emory Study Lights Up The Political Brain
      ….Once partisans had come to completely biased conclusions — essentially finding ways to ignore information that could not be rationally discounted — not only did circuits that mediate negative emotions like sadness and disgust turn off, but subjects got a blast of activation in circuits involved in reward — similar to what addicts receive when they
      get their fix….”None of the circuits involved in conscious reasoning were particularly engaged,” says Westen. “Essentially, it appears as if partisans twirl
      the cognitive kaleidoscope until they get the conclusions they want, and then they get massively reinforced for it, with the elimination of negative emotional states and activation of positive ones.”….The investigators hypothesize that emotionally biased reasoning leads to the “stamping in” or reinforcement of a defensive belief, associating
      the participant’s “revisionist” account of the data with positive emotion or relief and elimination of distress. “The result is that partisan beliefs are calcified, and the person can learn very little from new data,”

      You may think the political brain can at least do maths?
      No way.

      ‘Science Confirms: Politics Wrecks Your Ability to Do Math’

    • Ravenscar

      “While the Scots are proud, daft and unpredictable…we’re not as stupid as that…are we?”

      And when you’ve pissed off the English and shoved off, who are you going to blame then?

      • Philip Meikle

        I cant help but feel if the referendum were held across england Scotland would prbably end up with independance and zero pay off but alot of bills.

        • Andypara

          Wouldn’t that be unfair to the 55.3% who voted against independence in 2014?

        • Ravenscar

          I think that you would be quite correct in your summation.

    • Choam Nomski

      Well well well. So Bill Blain (whoever he is) has just realised that Sturgeon is ‘a shifty political opportunist hiding behind the roguery of fake
      patriotism…..just another chancer……wedded to the political
      goals of the SNP – break the union at any cost. AT ANY COST – and pay
      the piper later.’

      Who’d have thought it?

    • Jolly Radical

      The comparison with Norfolk gives it away.

      The USA is a nation state, whereas Scotland isn’t and never has been in any proper sense. Why not independence for Wessex, Mercia or Normandy next? They were all ancient kingdoms too, but have never been and never can be nation states.

      • Philip Meikle

        Independance for The isle of Wight! Those damn East Sussex drivers sucking up the tax money for our ferry Trips!… * Please note this is an entirely sarcastic comment trying to highlight the stupidity of counties in a country wanting independance.

        The apt comparison to this is possibly the ancient tower of Babylon comparison. the tower failed and fell apart as “the great confusion arose from people speaking a multidude of different languages.” Replace Tower of Babylon with UK and splitting up the counties.countries will result in a massive fail.

    • While I do understand the lure of independence, I don’t understand the lure of the SNP/Sturgeon. The SNP is a childish political party that behaves foolishly in Westminster, the only actual policies I have ever seen associated with it have been creepy and Orwellian, like the state guardian plan. Sturgeon herself doesn’t seem clever, she constantly makes fatuous arguments and her shtick is well known at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she talked up “Locking the Tories Out of Downing Street” so much on purpose, hoping that a vision of a weak Labour PM who owes his job to the SNP would motivate English and Welsh voters to put David Cameron back in. Especially as someone who campaigned for Remain and pointed out the difficulty of separation and the importance of maintaining the closest possible trading terms with those you trade with the most, how can Sturgeon and the SNP credibly back breaking the Union, creating more negotiations for Scotland, and more obstacles between Scotland and all of her trading partners. Sturgeon ridiculed the idea of the UK going it alone in making one on one trade deals across the world. How much more difficult will it be for Scotland?

    • Doctor Crackles

      Trump said he’d win and he won. He did so against all-out-opposition from the media, RINO, DNC numerous foreign leaders and organisations like the UN and EU. He was mocked, vilified, belittled and yet he still won.

      Sturgeon is a loser like the author.

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