Mandy’s moaning


Mandy’s moaning

The architects of the New Labour project seem to have forgotten the meaning of democracy, says Jayne Adye.

Once labelled “The Prince of Darkness” for his near-complete control of New Labour’s rise in the early 90s, Peter Mandelson is a figure of intrigue.

The former MP was forced to resign from the Cabinet not once, but twice, due to various scandals.

The Grandee remained a key figure for the Labour Party, and in 2008 was brought back into the Government by the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown, where he helped run the party’s unsuccessful election attempt in 2010.

Unpopular, distrusted – and feared – Mandelson was given a wide berth by many, with members of his own party sceptical of his Machiavellian methods.

Despite this, he was perceived to be a pillar within the Labour Party; Tony Blair famously said his project would be complete when the “Labour Party learned to love Peter Mandelson”.

But for all of Mandelson’s talent, craft and guile, the outspokenness which regularly creeps into former ministers when they are out of office, appears to have taken hold yet again.

A passionate and proud Europhile, the former MP for Hartlepool has constantly spoken of his disgust at Brexit, and urged fellow pro-EU figures to do all they could to disrupt Article 50 recently.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show in February, the Peer said that many people felt bulldozed into a Brexit they did not vote for, and the Government needed to be challenged. Then, in April, the former communist urged the EU to “forget Great Britain and take care of your own interests.”

This rebellious and misplaced attitude should not surprise anyone, for Mandelson has always been quick to voice his opinion. But this scenario shows a man clinging to his former glories, and one who believes he can still influence those who are disgruntled

But, haven’t we heard this all before? Of course we have!  Mandelson’s former boss, Tony Blair, is also now repeatedly trumpeting calls for Brexit to be opposed – and has even called on Remoaners to “rise up in defence of what we believe”. Neither of these two seem to understand what Democracy means!

Those who oppose Brexit are entitled to air their angry views – after all we live in a country which proudly praises ‘freedom of speech’. But where does moaning about Britain’s severance from the EU cross the line?

For a start, it was both foolish and selfish of Mandelson to call on the EU to forget about his own country and look after themselves. But, let’s not forget he was the EU Commissioner from November 2004 until October 2008, and evidently has closer ties with Eurocrats than with Great Britain! Or, what about the fact he will be paid a pension of £31,000 a year when he reaches 65 in under 2 years’ time – because of his ‘loyal’ service to the federal empire.

Remember this – the “pension” also holds a clause which requires complete loyalty to the EU, and if Mandelson spoke out against the system, he would be stripped of his rights to the “pension”. But these facts seem to be forgotten.

Although Remoaners might take confidence from people like Blair and Mandelson, who constantly criticise the Government for the continuation of Brexit; maybe it would be worth remembering what goes on behind the scenes, and why certain individuals like these two are “barking” louder than others.

The “Prince of Darkness” has also spoken of his antipathy towards Jeremy Corbyn, and has previously told the Jewish Chronicle he was working every day to undermine the Labour leader.

It seems Lord Mandelson is not happy unless things are on his terms. He doesn’t seem to realise his criticism of Brexit could cause more harm than good to the Remoaners cause.

At Get Britain Out, we are stumped by the hardcore opposition to Brexit – especially from leading figures who, deep down, know our proud country will come out of this in possibly a much better off position than before.

So, we say to you, Baron Mandelson, of Foy in the County of Herefordshire and of Hartlepool in the County of Durham – drop the opposition to Brexit and support the Government in its continued negotiations with the EU. We need all experienced politicians to be onboard, and your continued negativity towards our future is unwanted, unwarranted and incorrect.

After all, many previous Remoaners are coming around to Brexit, and have realised the need for Britain to leave the bureaucratic and biased EU, as recent polling shows.

YouGov has calculated 68 per cent of people now want Brexit to take place, with 23 per cent of previous Remoaners agreeing Britain has a duty to ‘Leave’ in light of the Referendum result last June, and the notice of Article 50 in March.

Now, Lord Mandelson, are you going to be a stickler and continue with your heckling – or will you change your views and accept what’s happened?

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  • Jayne Adye
    Jayne Adye
    Jayne Adye is Campaign Director of leading cross-party, grassroots, Eurosceptic campaign group Get Britain Out. She has headed the campaign for six years and has a background in journalism and public relations.
    • timbo_21

      Foy is a tiny hamlet with a population of 158 in a Herefordshire backwater. It’s the perfect place for Mandelson.

    • workingclassbrexiter

      The second time he was forced to resign he didn’t do anything wrong, though,

    • Dadog

      His picture . . . . . .isn’t he strangely like a young Hitler?

    • getahead

      Mandy has vested interests in the EU, as has Blair, Clarke, Branson, Cleggster and many more I can’t think of. All beneficiaries of tax-payers re-cycled money.

    • malcolm scott

      i admire him for staying with the hardcore 23% of the pollsters findings amongst the now 68% leave, was the unpleasantness of the bunch shouting remain.

    • Grammar Grub

      I prefer him with a mustache.

    • The English nationalist.

      He has rightly earned the name, mandelscum.
      Kicked out of office twice, then off to the rotten edifice of the eu and now in the house of frauds, Slither !!!

    • Prompt Critical

      “Those who oppose Brexit are entitled to air their angry views – after all we live in a country which proudly praises ‘freedom of speech’. But where does moaning about Britain’s severance from the EU cross the line?”

      Well, nowhere. It doesn’t cross the line at all. It is pathetic and disloyal and undemocratic, but it is free speech. Stupid speech.

    • Hampsteadpinko

      Actually, it’s a little simpler than that.
      Mandelson – you are, with your continual and pathetic moaning actually undermining this country in favour of your European fools who have milked our treasury dry for decades. We get back less than 2/3 of our annual financial contribution, the whole of which would be better spent on UK interests and concerns.

    • gelert

      Traitorous scum. His grandfather, Herbert Morrison, was a conscientious objector in WWI.

      • workingclassbrexiter

        His grandad was in the war cabinet

        • gelert

          In WW2. He was quite happy to send the young to fight then. If he was a CO he should have not been in a War Cabinet.

          • workingclassbrexiter

            Got a link, to a proper sight

      • Prompt Critical

        So was I… But it’s not fair to the conscientious objectors to liken P. Mandelson to their principled stance. He has no principles and no shame.

        • gelert

          Principled ?

          Cowards who let others do the fighting.

          • Prompt Critical

            That was the sentiment of many people at the time, but it can hardly be maintained that the COs were all cowards, in view of the fact that many of them (for example, Olaf Stapledon) joined the Ambulance Corps and exposed themselves frequently to very dangerous situations.

            • gelert

              The majority did not join the Ambulance Corps.

            • Gordon Stewart

              If you cannot decide if you should join a pointless futile war,then you have no choices in anything

    • grumpyashell

      What would really hurt him would to be totally ignored,no reporting,no interviews,no tv or radio shows,nothing,nada,zilch….maybe then he could be consigned to the dustbin of history…..we are not interested in his views !

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