Britain must learn from Trump to succeed


Britain must learn from Trump to succeed

Trump has shown the way to defeat uninspiring centrism and British politics must do the same, writes Peter Divey

As the first anniversary of Trump’s coronation approaches, U.S. politics remains shocked and bitter. The ferocity and partisanship of the media and commentators has yet to drop from a vigorous boil.  The hostility towards Trump is unprecedented. The Democratic party continues with a delusional post defeat non-analysis. Nothing to see here, not our fault. They have opposed Trump fiercely and often successfully but they seem to stand for nothing else. Beyond anti-Trump, the message is confused and incoherent. The Democrats seem convinced that if they shout loud and long the tide must turn because surely Trump will self-implode? The second tactic has been Russia, Russia, Russia. Trump colluded with Putin. This may be about to backfire, a case of be careful what you wish for. Mueller may be able to pick some low hanging fruit such as General Kelly but this will not damage Trump. The harder Mueller looks, the more he sees Clinton, Obama and the Democratic Party staring back at him. Impeachment is a million miles away and wishing for it doesn’t make it so. It is all tactics and no strategy.

The Democrats have no real idea what to do with the “progressive” wing of their party, the voters that flocked to Sanders in huge numbers only to be denied by Party shenanigans. Clinton or bust was the judgement as the Trump train rolled on. The Republicans themselves are so badly split that the GOP is in disarray as “Never-Trumpers” refuse to endorse the President’s agenda. Trump may have won, but as yet the Republican party is unwilling to accept governance under the off-piste intruder. Bannon was pushed outside from within the White House and is attacking Republicans who oppose the President and some have already fallen on their swords, another case of being careful what you wish for. The Republicans are all strategy with few tactics. The 2018 mid-terms will be interesting.

Obama revisionism is under way, a growing realisation that he wasn’t such a wonder. Overrated and under-challenged, history will not be kind to Obama. The Trump phenomenon is being intensely scrutinised. Clinton was awful, probably the only candidate that could lose to Trump yet even beyond that everything stops at Obama. Trump is truly his legacy. Saint Obama will lose his halo and will always regret mocking Trump, the seed of motivation from which candidate Trump sprang.

UK politics is riven with division too. The centre ground has collapsed as voters scrabble to ensure the intolerable doesn’t occur. All magnified through the prism of Brexit. Will a British Trump appear riding in on the back of this situation? Perhaps someone similar can sweep in and save the day for the floundering Tory party with those Trump-like qualities that very few British politicians have: Resolve, fortitude, self-confidence and drive. A winner. Trump would have told the EU where to stick it long before now. Other qualities can be less endearing; assertive, bombastic and offensive, the other side of the coin.

We are probably stuck with PM May now through until the next election. Will Brexit still be in process then?  I fear so, and the election will be lost and then it will be too late to wait for a saviour to ride in from over the horizon. Even Trump himself couldn’t save the UK from Corbyn. Leavers will have won the battle only to lose the war. But as we have seen, the fantastic can happen. Better late than never.

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  • Peter Divey
    Peter Divey
    Peter Divey's dormant interest in British and American politics has been reawakened by last year's Brexit referendum result and Trump's ascendency to the White House. In his spare time he enjoys playing chess and has a growing collection of vintage wrist watches.
    • LoveMeIamALiberal

      One factual error: Mueller will not be prosecuting General Kelly but possibly General Mike Flynn. One error of judgment: the Republican party is less split than the Democrats; grassroots Republicans are likely to put in place Senate candidates for the mid term election who are more sympathetic to Trump’s agenda than the current establishment Republicans.

      What Trump has shown is that the mainstream media is much less important than everyone thinks they are; Brexit proved much the same thing. Conservatives need to be much less afraid of being branded as nasty by the media as people don’t trust the press, which is why Trump’s cry of ‘fake news’ resonated so much.

      • Peter Divey

        Yes, a silly mistake mixing up Flynn and Kelly…silly me. Bannon is starting to have an effect for sure but as yet the Republican Party is much more split than the electorate, but the tide is turning…in time for the mid terms? Unclear yet.

        • LoveMeIamALiberal

          Thanks for engaging with your readers’ comments.

          • Peter Divey

            My pleasure, i enjoy the debate. Sometimes it is not civil but i just stay calm. A different opinion to mine is still valid. There are passionate people on both sides and it can be hard to meet anywhere near the middle!

    • woolfiesmiff

      No the UK won’t get its own version of Trump. Our laughingly corrupt so called “democracy” doesn’t have a mechanism for someone with leadership, courage, and vision to arise. It deliberately prevents anyone other than a mediocre , middle of the road , statist leader

      • Peter Divey

        It does appear to be so…unfortunately.

    • EppingBlogger

      The fact that US politics is discussed only in terms of “Democrats this” and “Republicans that” says a lot. Similarly in the UK: what will Labour do, Tories, who else?

      In business and the market place if failure happened on the scale these old parties have failed they would be replaced by new comers. Even if they had not done anything especially wroing, disrupters would have appeared by now.

      In politics there is an oligopoly which the market occupants are able to sustain by using the law, patronage and support from the MSM. New parties are kept out to protect the old and failed. The answer is surely clear – open up politics to new parties: no need for state funding just give newbies a fair chance.

      • Peter Divey

        The centre ground has collapsed in UK politics which just now mirrors the long standing situation in the US. As you say, “disrupters” will not be tolerated…

    • John Smith

      Fair summary
      But what is really funny is watching the Beeb’s Jon Sopel and acolytes, wreck any reputation they may have had by their constant Trump Hatefest
      Because everything is seen through that prism, they often miss important USA news..
      Even Sopel now admits Trump will get a second term

      • Peter Divey

        It is trendy to knock Trump, shows your virtue and moral superiority to the like minded. Also shows an inability to be balanced or to think for yourself.

    • David Kane

      We need a Trump so sharia May can be stopped before she hand s Britain over to Islam. Theresa May, who is entirely clueless about the aims of Islam as mandated by the Koran continues to allow mosques to be built with Arabic funds, allows 425 ISIS killers back into Britain (with free houses and jobs) to continue jihad and continues to punish those who would have an honest discussion about the need to halt all Muslim immigration as “Islamophobes” (read: “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent, Amazon and Kindle). She and her equally indifferent sidebar Amber Rudd should have been made to watch Fox’s ISIS that showed how they publicly caged and burned alive 19 Yazidi girls for refusing to have sex with ISIS fighters. Yazidi leaders last year showed Fox News photographs of the Islamic jihadists burning babies to death on a slab of sheet metal, photos that show tiny, roasted bodies side by side as flames engulfed them.” These are the people being reed carpeted back into Britain to join 23,000 of their fellow genocidal maniacs already walking the streets of Britain thanks to Amber Rudd (MI5’s Andrew Parker). Beyond criminally negligent, beyond sanity..this so called Conservative government.

      • Peter Divey

        A recent report, by the German Army i think, said that Western Christian culture could be destroyed by 2040. People know, politicians know, but it is more important to be PC or non-offensive than to survive. The Visegrad Group of 4 European Countries are about the only ones who overtly acknowledge the situation. Much easier to not confront it.

    • Oriental Imp

      Is Peter mentally ill? In the circumstances that would be, ahem, a kind assessment.

      • Peter Divey

        Thank you for your concern…i am of sound mind.

    • Ravenscar

      President Donald Trump goes his own way, he is making progress despite what the UK media will lie to you. DJT will make America boom again, make no mistake and the Obama years will seem like a half remembered nightmare for most Americans – of all colours. Alack, this is where they [left wing blob] misunderstand Donald J Trump – particularly in the UK, they just don ‘t seem to ken that President Trump appeals to a wide swathe of America, man and woman, black, white, Hispanic and even the gay community. Mr. Trump gets it and he knows what makes Americans tick – put them first, secure jobs and homes for them, cheap energy, low taxes and let it rip.

      Good grief, the UK media circus of the leftist and cultural Marxist apologists is something to behold these days, they all act in series in turn pro EU, ordered by Berlin and singing from the hymnal are the London shills and ignorant-ists, who won’t ever forgive Mr Donald Trump for booting their idol and heroine HRC into the political wilderness she so richly deserved, let us hope her navigation skills are as universally bad as is expected from the sisterhood, living with the desert Scorpions and blood sucking nightlife is where she so obviously belongs. Further, as we see with all UK news channels, especially relating to Donald John Trump as they say ‘hell hath no fury’………like a feminista scorned.

      On all things UK politics, there is no one, other than Jacob who could possibly match up and do the necessary, the rest of them both labour and Tory with a few notable exceptions [Field, Hoey, Redwood etc] are a shower of the proverbial. That popinjay Mrs May installed as cabinet member acting for Defence minister pretty much summed her up, out of her depth, lost in a fog of self pity, and truly, honestly, pathetically hopeless and that’s why the Tory high command chose her, Gawd even the doting Daily Mail has stopped singing her praises, mainly in embarrassment – Rothermere on the other hand will be licking his lips as he sees ‘Brexit means Brexit’ morph into “Brexit means whatever Mr Barnier and his boss Merkl say it is”.

      Taxi for Mrs May please.

      • Peter Divey

        People are beginning to understand that Obama was a disaster. HRC was an appropriate follow up.

    • ethanedwards2002

      Trumps big success is due to him actually listening to those people the Libtards write off as ‘deplorables’. Listening then doing what the majority of them want.
      What Trump is doing really ought not to be as revolutionary as it appears.
      Mainstream politicians are telling us what to think, what to believe and then once elected the Politicians do what they like not what the majority of us actually want, Brexit being a good example. We have told the Government what we want. They promised to enact our wishes yet here we are 18 months down the line and the backsliding / refusal is becoming rather obvious.
      Then they patronise us and call us bigots (thank you Gordon Brown).
      We deplorables are being dis-enfranchaised by the political classes . It will only end badly.

      • Peter Divey

        I wear my deplorable tag with pride. I hope things do not end “badly” but if Brexit is diluted away our democracy will have been usurped.

    • Rhoda Klapp

      Don’t you mean Flynn not Kelly?

      • Peter Divey

        Of course i do…silly me!

    • Mojo

      Trump has achieved quite a lot of what he promised his electorate. People just don’t see it in all the shouting and screaming. As the mid term primaries start to create a stronger pro Trump party, which they will do because Bannon is doing some great work outside the WhiteHouse machine, the Republicans will become a force of patriotism again. It will be hard to stop them at the next USA elections.

      As far as our own Political turmoil is concerned, we do not have a sound system in which the people can be heard loud and clear. Mrs May will be hard to get rid of because the Tory hierarchy will not allow the associations to choose their own candidates. No one at present in the Tory Party wishes to take on Brexit because they know they will have to take us out of the EU in the end and most are europhiles working against the population. Should the leadership be opened up to all Conservative MPs, including back benchers, we may find a saviour comes forward, but there again, it is too much to ask the old guard to respect the wishes of 17.4 million voters. I personally do not think the Labour Party in its present form will be elected into power. Simply because Corbyn is the darling of the students and academia. Anyone else who needs to make money to live will see the very weak front bench line up. So many silly statements and obvious lack of knowledge from Lady Nugee, Diane Abbott, Rebecca … Bailey(can’t even remember her full name) Kier Starmer and Angela Rayner tells most people a Corbyn regime would bring the country down within months.

      No I think the Tories will not win the next election. I think we will go into coalition. The EU themselves will kick us out, having blackmailed us out of billions of euros. They will have so many issues with other members and will want to force a totalitarian regime which the UK will not adhere to. At that point our country will be free. At that point new parties will emerge and possibly some true Conservatives will leave the party and join forces with likeminded MPs across the house in order to steer the good ship Great Britain into calmer waters. It will be a generation before our political climate settles down. Hopefully it will be home to much more capable, patriotic members who truly wish to serve the country instead of fighting like cockerels to feather their own nests

      • Peter Divey

        Mojo, an impressive, lengthy and considered reply. I hope your expectations and instincts are proved fundamentally correct. You are more optimistic than me…Corbyn would be such a disaster that all the noise about Brexit will be as nothing. Venezuela beckons…

        • Mojo

          I do truly think the country is very sensible. I call us the Sensible Silent Majority. The students, academics and metropolis are just not very sensible. The Parliamentarians live in such a tiny world full of their own echoes bouncing off the walls. Very few truly understand the mood of the country. Robert Peston hit a mark the other day when he said he was ashamed of how out of touch his circle of friends and colleagues were. They are all Londoncentric. London is actually not worth trying to win over. The Conservatives need to concentrate on the country where they will score their biggest hits, if they listen. Unfortunately they do not listen and they do not consider the country important. Which is precisely why I think they will only manage another coalition. They truly believe they won the referendum. Of course they didn’t. They won the election in 2010 because they promised a referendum and they don’t understand that fundamental.

          If they had understood why they won that election, David Cameron would probably still be PM today because he would have realised the country was fed up with Brussels bureaucracy. He would have fought much harder to get the change we needed. He would not of achieved this so he would have backed the populace and not the establishment. He would have seen that leaving the EU was beneficial to the taxpayer and not the bankers. But he didn’t, the Conservatives didn’t and don’t. The establishment didn’t and don’t. Corbyn did sense this but has since been seduced by the power to bring a government down. He will not achieve this, which shows his inability to understand his own countrymen, but shows his total commitment to the establishment he is tells us he loathes.

          • “I do truly think the country is very sensible.” 95% of them just voted for more immigration, more Islam, more PC garbage, more state, more debt, more housing pressure, more overburdened hospitals, schools and transport, more status quo.

            I don’t think the British electorate is sensible. I think it is pathetically ill-informed, complacent and cowardly.

          • Peter Divey

            The Sensible Silent Majority…a mutation of the Shy Tory? A wonderful concept whatever, perhaps all is not lost, but as you say outside of London in England’s green and pleasant land.

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