Nick Turner

July 25, 2018

The slow, painful death of Tory England

History shows us that during periods of crisis the Conservative party has a tendency to look for leadership from the nearest suitable nonentity. Whether Theresa May can avoid future historians recording her as another manifestation of this unfortunate trend is doubtful, says Nick Turner. 
February 23, 2018

May doesn’t govern this country 

The UK is governed not by Theresa May, but instead by an unaccountable ‘progressive’ coalition that transcends party lines, argues Nick Turner.
February 9, 2018

Judging Trumpenomics

A race is on. In one lane is the Trump Train driven by sound economics, but volatile leadership. In the other is the languishing economic fall-out from the Great Recession. The first train over the line will define the Trump presidency, says Nick Turner.  
January 26, 2018

Hard Brexit is a Remainer myth

A real Brexit would have been a huge success, not the Hard Brexit caricature of the Remainer elite, writes Nick Turner
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