September 28, 2016

Abbott’s alarming contempt for Brexit voters

Abbott’s alarming contempt for Brexit voters

By branding Brexit voters as racist, Labour’s health spokesman displays her ignorance for the Brexit movement, argues Rory Broomfield.  

We’ve just seen Jeremy Corbyn win re-election to remain leader of the Labour Party and yet, when you feel that things couldn’t get any worse electorally for the Labour Party, Diane Abbott makes another remark that is both disgraceful and utterly ignorant.

The remark, made at the Labour Party’s annual conference held in Liverpool, was reported in the Daily Mail as:

“The people who complain about freedom of movement will not be satisfied because what they want is to see less foreign-looking people on their streets and that’s not going to happen.”

The comment was rightly called “stupid” and “utterly inflammatory” by Conservative MP, Nadhim Zahawi, before he added that it “smears 17.4 million voters, many of them of BME [black and minority ethnic] background.”

I completely agree with Mr Zahawi, but unfortunately the comment also goes beyond that.

By branding Brexit voters as racist, Labour’s health spokesman is confusing political views with race and is trying to put race front and centre of the political policy divide.

In doing so, Diane Abbott is dividing society in a dangerous way that is intolerable in modern day society.

In contrast, her Labour colleague, Chuka Umunna, recently explained that free movement of people within the EU has to end and that the view all Leave voters are ‘bigots and racists’ or were duped was “unbelievably patronising”. This comes at a time when claims that racial attacks have increased by 57 per cent since the Brexit vote have been shown to be false.

A desire to have control over the borders of a country isn’t about race, it’s about helping to provide the best for society – irrespective of race. Indeed, the idea that the UK could have an immigration system post Brexit that is nationality neutral was a big part of Vote Leave’s – and the wider Brexit movement’s – case during the EU referendum.

Iain Murray and I have championed the benefits of a nationality-neutral immigration tariff system in co-authored papers for the Institute of Economic Affairs and recently for the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Freedom under law is a principle of UK justice dating back ever since Magna Carta and, for the idea of being treated equally under law to continue, we need to put a stop to the creation of a racial Rubicon within society.

But this isn’t the first time that Diane Abbott has played “the race card”. Remember, she was sacked by Ed Miliband over previously saying whites “love to divide and rule”.

Yet the real question that I think should be asked, that we all should be asking, is whether the viewpoint that Diane Abbott holds translates into the way she deals with her constituents or the way she deals with policies. If there is cross-over, will she be sacked again?

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Rory Broomfield
Rory Broomfield
Rory Broomfield is Director of The Freedom Association and the Better Off Out campaign. He is an authority on the EU and has written a number of books including his latest, co-authored with Iain Murray, Cutting the Gordian Knot: A Roadmap for British Exit from the European Union. He has previously worked in the City of London and in Westminster for a number of Members of Parliament, including the current Prime Minister, Theresa May; the current Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Graham Brady; and Sir Richard Shepherd.
  • Abbot has contempt for everyone who doesn’t agree with her view of the world.

  • Joshuaatthewalls

    Vaz is well lubricated where it helps as well s fat

  • Grammar Grub

    This lump of lard is playing to her own poverty stricken Parliamentary constituency.

  • Big Les

    That’s a bit waaayyyycissst, isn’t it?
    Nope. Just a material fact! 🙂

  • PAD

    Definition that the ‘ethnic’ inc postal vote is at least consistent

  • PAD

    Joint winners for that accolade..Abbot&Vaz

  • PAD

    Not just socialist bedfellows by all accounts…theres a motorbike jacket with the imprint of her rear end in a field in eastern europe…gorte- tex !

  • PAD

    Rotherham is the perfect example of just how disgusting the repercussions of these attitudes become.
    The worm is turning..and justice must be done

  • ufford

    And those are her good points!

  • mike watterson

    Abbott is the classic example of a deadhead. She proves that the less talent and ability you have,the higher up the Labour party you will climb.

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  • Jethro

    PLEASE, edit ‘brandishing’ (i.e. waving about as a sword =brand), and substitute ‘branding’ (marking, denoting, stigmatising).

  • Allyup

    The Labour delusion is to run far left and assume there are millions of left thinkers who will join them. No matter how bad the polls are the left mind can easily kid itself its on course for victory in 2020. Last time Labour had an idealistic scruffy left winger as leader (1983) they were out of power for nearly 20 years.

  • AUSOutlier

    The Labour Party under Corbyn has morphed from the nasty to the Nazi party.

  • AUSOutlier

    An utterly vile and nasty, self-serving hypocrite.

  • beautykinguk

    The anti-semites don’t even hide in the closet now….

  • John C

    No, I don’t. I mean in the general sense. When sh!te like that can hold the post.

  • beautykinguk

    Do you mean ‘you’ve had’? Starmer has been an MP since last year.

  • John C

    Moronic drivel.

  • Bill

    Actually, when you think about it, Corbyn’s supporters have no more brains than my old dog and your safety pin. They have never studied the history of socialism and are following, unthinkingly and uncritically, a fashionable obsession with a half-wit and his boring platitudes. That means the future for the right is rosier than it might appear.

  • Bill

    We’ll never get rid of this disgusting woman. Her bone-thick constituents support her faithfully and her “leader,” without a trace of irony, gives her the brief to attack the Tories’ policy on OBESITY! It’s beyond staggering.

  • Med Jumper

    I was the victim of a hate crime after a drunken Irishman started abusing me for voting Leave. Trouble is, I’d never seen him before and had never told anyone in the pub who had voted for.

  • John C

    My safety pin has more brains than Abbott and Corbyn combined and is far more useful.

  • John C

    What are you screeching about, you utter a***hole?
    Clearly, you are illiterate and have no clue what the word ‘Fascist’ means.
    Take a hike.

  • ScaryBiscuits

    Thanks for the Fascist Comment of the Day, John C. Please do feel free to join humanity again though if you’ve got something other than personal abuse to offer.

  • David Whitehouse

    On the other hand, we have Tory appointee, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, head of the Met Police, saying this month that a “horrible spike” in hate crime after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was at least partly linked to the referendum, and that that hate crime was showing signs of decreasing after a sharp rise in June and July, but it had still not returned to pre-referendum levels.

    ‘ “We saw this horrible spike after Brexit,” he said. He revealed there was a connection between the referendum and many of the incidents and pointed out that many of the victims were eastern Europeans’.

    And “in the 38 days after the referendum there were more than 2,300 recorded race-hate offences in London, compared with 1,400 in the 38 days before the vote”… that’s actually up 64%, not 57%.

    Then there’s the report that “‘Race hate crimes on UK railways increase sharply after Brexit vote” (The Independent, 21 Aug 2016).

  • Hertslass

    Nero Liberals, even.

  • Bill

    My adopted and recently deceased retired guide dog had more brains than Abbott and Corbyn combined and led a far more valuable and useful life.

  • John C

    Actually, she is the most vile and two-faced person (oh, OK, tub of lard) in the country.

  • John C

    Err, I assure you that being a lawyer is no guarantee whatsoever of not being dumb and ignorant in re the law. And that’s exactly what he is. He has zero authority to do this.

  • John C

    I’ll bet you anything that they have the blueprints of the gulags ready and waiting.

  • John C

    When you have utter shite like Starmer as DPP, you know it’s a fascist state.

  • John C

    The woman is utter scum, always has been.
    She is also illiterate: it’s ‘fewer’, not ‘less’.
    But mostly, if I haven’t said so yet, she is utter scum.

  • ratcatcher11

    She is another trougher on the payroll of the fascist left whose intellect is as suspect as her mentor Corbyn.

  • RationalEnvironmentalist

    Let’s be honest, she’s not the brightest coin in the fountain is she?

  • Allyup

    I wonder if voter contempt for Corbynite Labour exceeds her contempt for voters?
    I suspect so based on Corbyn’s rating by the public and Labour’s descending position in polls.
    The long grass is quite nice this time of the year.

  • Rebecca

    The idiotic Gascoigne’s words were a bit stupid and inadvisable .. BUT … “racially aggravated, threatening behaviour” (the offence he was charged with!) … SERIOUSLY??
    Apparently, yes, seriously. All it takes is one virtue-signalling judge keen to look good in the media.
    And yet Dianne Abbott gets away with this. Unbelievable.


    Diane Abbott is someone who has used race as a tool to leverage herself into a position of power above and beyond what most would agree is merited by her skills and the content of her character. I highly recommend Ben Shapiro’s recent lecture at Yale, you can watch on Youtube ( In particular he explains how those (politicians and commentators) whose response to issues of inequality is to immediately hone in on race and racism, diminishes the agency of the individual and entrenches the narrative of victimhood, effectively arguing that this is in and of itself a racist attitude. So when Diane Abbott makes a comment such as ‘White people love playing divide and rule” she is racist because: a) She lumps all people with white skin together as a social class who act collectively in their own interest.
    b) She insinuates that black people are somehow unable to grasp this and need enlightened politicians like her to help them out of this situation. Patronising cow.

  • Simerall

    Spot on, and I see there is more Labour talk that working class English must be ‘educated’ out of their attitudes. Sinister.

  • Simerall

    Yes, Gascoigne was dragged into court for a joke. Abbott has a history of racist remarks, yet no action is taken by the police and CPS. She is part of the protected Multicult Establishment. We are just the little people.

  • Mojo

    Yes he was and he did mention it…..once …..during the London Mayoral elections. His wish to turn London into a separate State is redolent of the Romans. They turned London into a separate state and had to build a wall to protect themselves. It didn’t help though because London became a centre for so many cultures and religions it tore itself apart with violence and crime and London then fell. It looks like history might try to repeat itself.

  • Mojo

    The Labour Party have always been the nasty party. The unions have always bullied their members. The Labour Party started off by bullying young people into thinking life would be better in the cities and the factories. They are jealous of anyone achieving anything, yet they hypocritically take the cream when they are in power. They keep the poor down whilst feathering their own nests. And unfortunately so many people get hoodwinked. They have always been a r…….ist party, and they don’t like women very much either. They were infiltrated by Marxist academics after WWII which turned them into the champagne socialist nasty party.

  • Malcolm Marchesi

    Of course you are right , I stand corrected .

  • WFC

    “The people who complain about freedom of movement will not be satisfied because what they want is to see less foreign-looking people on their streets and that’s not going to happen.”

    Is she any relation to the Diane Abbott who complained that there were too many foreign (Swedish) looking nurses at her local hospital?

  • MikePage

    Got no time for people who claim to be mindreaders.

  • Mary Poppins
  • Friends! In case any of you missed it, Our Diane’s good friend Jeremy made a literally spell-binding speech at yesterday’s Labour Conference, in which the audience – which was at least as representative a selection of Britain as the one in BBC’s Question Time – literally cheered him to the rafters!

    My latest Blog, “A Full, Comprehensive And Totally Objective Review Of Jeremy’s Literally Spell-Binding Speech To The Labour Conference, Which Was Literally A Turning-Point In Labour’s Fortunes, Friends!” provides full details of how I, tragically, was asleep for the duration:

  • TRAV1S

    Who cares, Labour is the party of fruitcakes, loons and closet antisemites.

  • Diane Abbott is the end product when you play identity politics. Ultimately you end up performing mental somersaults defending the indefensible.
    Leave her there and use her as a weapon – let her be the darling of the BBC, use her as the poster girl of the hypocrisy of Neo Liberals.

  • Greenslime

    Stupid and dangerous. This odious hypocrite has suddenly found herself able to command attention simply because at some stage in the dim and distant past she shagged Corbyn. He has so few friends in parliament that he has given Porky a sackful of the shadow cabinet positions which a allows her to go around loosing off her insane verbal incontinence, which is clearly caused by some cerebral malfunction which prevents it being engaged when the lips are moving, to anyone who is unfortunate enough to be in the same room as her at the time. This condition probably pleasured JC all those years ago but can’t someone get her to shut up now?

  • derek

    There has been a nasty streak of fascism running through Labour for a long time now, who remembers the Times asking if Michael Foot was a fascist back in 1975 over the treatment of the Ferrybridge 6?

  • Tad Stone

    I’m a brexiter and not racist at all, but I’d happily make an exception for Abbott. She is the most obnoxious politician, and that goes back to 1964, that I think I have come across. That’s saying something considering the large number of two-faced, self-serving professional liars that have surfaced in that time.

  • Reborn


  • Reborn

    This stupid woman has not noticed that the EU is packed full of white people.
    Despite the fact that she attended a grammar school, she does not understand
    that racism & (alleged) xenophobia are very different conditions.

  • Ravenscar

    What grates though is the implication that, “you are too stupid and bigoted to know whats best” coming from an arrogant beyond belief, Fascistic bigot whose so stupid she’s quite incapable of recognizing the trait running rampant in her own self.

    Further, I can take criticism, on that very rare occasion when it comes from someone who hides a brain – a politician who actually gives a damn about England and the English. I do not detect anyone in the Labour party who even spends a passing moment acknowledging English sympathies, in fact the labour party would side with anyone and everyone who hates the English – and most particularly that section of society they pretend to represent accorded with the title ‘working class’.

  • Shadow Warrior

    Diane Abbott is a stupid racist herself so she should know.

  • Shadow Warrior

    Was Sadiq Khan’s dad a bus driver? No way. You’d’ve thought he’d’ve mentioned that before now.

  • digitaurus

    OK. Fair enough. Dianne Abbott is a tw*t. Always thought she was, never voted Labour in my lifetime and if I ever did it would be for Umunna not Abbott. I also understand that a settled majority want us to leave the UK in order to take back control over a borders (among other things). So, let’s move forward. What problem are we solving here? With a good definition of the problem we have a better chance of solving it.

  • Grammar Grub

    In more ways than one …

  • forgotten_man

    I dont think her constituents are , well, the sharpest tools in the box…

    getting it wrong once..ok, twice a little careless but 30 years?!!!

    And expect a different out come?

    Isnt that a definition of something?

  • Alan

    Diane Abbott is a racist. More to the point, she is a racist who has made an entire career out of screaming ‘racism’ at other people, which also makes her a total hypocrite… not that anyone following her career wouldn’t already have realised that. She may just be the most vile and two-faced politician in the country – and that’s up against some pretty strong competition.

  • Allyup

    BREXIT voters were largely the poor. Totally ignored for decades by Government these social groups C,D and E outside of London in the hinterland voted OUT is large numbers (see .
    These should be natural Labour voters. The ‘Gospel according to JC’ Party is saying they do not want these voters at any cost because they are not of the faith.This tells everybody that Labour now is a middle class party of protest with no intentions of ever being in power.

  • The Banana

    It’s alright, I got a fair bit of contempt for her too, so I guess it’s only fair.

  • Martin Davies

    Ms Abbott does seem to dislike White people. It’s amazing that she can actually bring herself to live amongst them; after all, there are far more non-White majority countries than there are White majority countries. I’m sure she could find one where they practice her brand of third-world politics, but then she wouldn’t get so much attention would she?

  • John M

    I don’t know why any of this is apparently such a revelation. Abbott has been a moron for years and the fact that Corbyn has appointed her into his cabinet speaks to how small the pool of “talent” currently is.

    Does anyone really watch Abbott on TV and come away impressed by any aspect of her performance? She manages to be simultaniously patronising, stupid, racist, hypocritical, inflammatory and aloof. I am amazed she is even an MP.

  • norman’s nonsense

    That’ll be right

  • David Barlow

    If possible, it can only get worse from here on, as the hard left has won and will not stop crowing. From here in anything they say or do will be right and beyond criticism.

  • Terry Howard

    I don’t want to side with Diane Abbott with whom I have little to agree about. But there is some confusion in this article. We all had many different reasons for voting leave. 17.4m did not vote against Freedom of Movement or against immigration. These questions weren’t even on the ballot paper. The quote from Abbott refers to “the people who complain about freedom of movement’ NOT all Leave voters. The statement by Zahawi (“smears 17.4m voters”) is therefore wrong, as is the author’s (“branding Brexit voters as racist”). Indeed there is something in what Abbott says – there are people who complain about freedom of movement because they just don’t like foreigners. It’s a pretty pointless attitude btw, because half the “foreigners” coming into the country are not even from the EU.
    Where Abbott is in the wrong is that only a minority of the people complaining about freedom of movement are racists. A bigger number are simply xenophobes. A bigger number still are neither. They merely complain about freedom of movement because (a) the Sun/Mail/Express told them it was bad for them (b) They think hard Brexit would let them realise their 40 year dream of a massive deregulation program, complete Thatcherism and bring back the poll tax (c) They’re running out of ways to persuade people to vote Labour and jumping on this band wagon seems like it might help (d) “Freedom” sounds very dangerous whereas “control” sounds so much safer.

  • getahead

    What if a Ukipper had said it? Even worse.

  • Malcolm Marchesi

    This female buffoon ( albeit a dangerous buffoon), displays her ignorance about most subjects every time she opens her mouth .
    In a more reasonable age , she would attract no attention at all . She is an unpleasant racially prejudiced hypocrite who makes no attempt to hide her contempt for white people until , of course , she is challenged about it , then she simply blusters .
    I despair of some of my fellow countrymen and women that they keep re-electing this person to Parliament . She is so obviously not up to the job that it’s painful to watch her gazing upwards and waffling .

  • Snoffle Gronch

    Abbott never goes anywhere without her race card. She’s practically worn the damn thing out.

  • Speedy

    Labour – The nasty party of jew-haters, and getting nastier by the day,

  • paul redhead

    She really does make one of comrade livingstone’s newts look like a MENSA candidate.

  • David

    Don’t forget the new Mayor of London asserting his intention to break whatever laws the Government might bring in to regulate immigration if we leave the EU, by issuing some kind of London “visa” (whatever that is). Would these visas give people a legal right to work here? Outside London? He does claim to be a lawyer whose father was a bus driver so I suppose he knows what he is talking about. I emphasis “if” we leave the EU because in my mind that is by no means certain.

  • misomiso

    A Zionist movement for Europe please.

  • Hampsteadpinko

    Diane Abbott is fat, stupid and repellent.

  • amoorhouse

    Sounds like she’s playing “divide and rule”. How ironic and dare I say predictable.

  • Pip

    Diane Abbott – it is “fewer” foreign looking people, not “less”. Not only are your ugly racist views obnoxious your grammar is appalling.

  • ratcatcher11

    Abbot is a fascist and a hypocrite. She will call for the banning of private education, yet she sent her children to private schools. She represents the fascists left led by Momentum and for her to attack Freedom and Democracy after the majority in Britain had voted in a referendum for freedom and democracy shows the real contempt with which she holds the voting public, including those in her own party that voted to leave the EU. She and Corbyn are typical socialist bedfellows, full of their own self importance and too far removed from the people she purports to represent.

  • foxoles

    ‘Branding’, not ‘brandishing’. Just saying.

  • phil

    It’s a sad fact in today’s PC Britain and the Labour Party in particular that any kind of remark on any racial stereotype whatsoever can never be challenged if the speaker is part of an ethnic minority or a dyed in the wool, socialist.
    If a Tory had said this the BBC would probably be calling for his head on hourly news bulletins for the next 6 months

  • geo

    little people … just do as you are told by your betters. you are too stupid and bigoted to know whats best. we do. now shut up and work yourselves to death while we posture and preen our egos at your expense.

  • Rebecca

    Diane Abbott 2012 : “White people love playing divide and rule”. Why are we surprised that she continues to be racist? And furthermore, why was nothing done to silence her obnoxious views in 2012. Now imagine if that had been a white politician talking about black people in this way …

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