Ted Jeffery

Deputy Editor

Ted Jeffery’s focus is on Brexit, Social policy, International affairs and the media. As well as being Comment Central’s Deputy Editor, he also finds work as a freelance journalist and campaigning consultant.

Andrew Woodcock

Foreign Affairs and Defence Editor

Andrew Woodcock is Director of Stabilitas Associates, an international relations consultancy. He was a UK diplomat for 25 years and is particularly focused on civilian military issues.

Robert Brooks

Contributing Reporter

Robert brings with him a wealth of experience from both academia and the corporate sector. He holds a First Class Honours degree in International Relations from Durham University and an MBA from an Ivy League University.

Sam Packer

Political Correspondent

Sam Packer’s focus is on public policy developments and parliamentary proceedings. He subsequently worked in the US Congress and then as a campaigner on the 2016 US election. He is now a political consultant.

Glenn Houlihan

US Correspondent

Based in the United States, Glenn is enrolled at the University of Massachusetts where he is reading American Studies with a particular focus on the indirect impact US foreign policy has had on American social values during the twentieth century.

Bruce Newsome

Brexit Editor

Bruce Oliver Newsome, Ph.D., is Lecturer in International Relations at the University of California, Berkeley. He specializes in international conflict, counter-terrorism, defence, security, and risk management.