August 4, 2016

The ‘alternative’ right has a Putin problem

Chris Everett argues that followers of Trump and Farage should stop apologising for a genuine threat to the West.
April 9, 2017

‘Alt-right’ is code for left

Fears among the fringe alt-right movement that Trump is abandoning the right and morphing into a centrist is absurd. He was never on the right to begin with. And neither were they, argues Simon Gordon.
April 10, 2017

Russia and the West: old habits die hard

The new phase of relations between Russia and the West is regrettable, but a dose of realism was long overdue, says Evgeny Pudovkin, foreign affairs correspondent at Russian daily, Nezavisimaya Gazeta.
May 5, 2017

Britain halts populist advance

The UK is leading the fight against the populist advance that continues to blight the Western world, says Charlotte Kude.
May 18, 2017

Trump’s transition from Stalin to Mr Bean

Donald Trump’s aggressive and at times child-like demeanour served him well during the election, yet the President’s inability to control the media narrative has created an impression of him being either incredibly stupid or incredibly corrupt, says Evgeny Pudovkin.
July 6, 2017

US-Russia ‘reset’ no easy task

Solutions to our geopolitical problems will not come easily, but face-to-face dialogue still matters, says Evgeny Pudovkin.  
August 2, 2017

Trump needs to pick his fights

Far from draining the swamp, Donald Trump has become mired in it, writes Evgeny Pudovkin.
November 6, 2017

Britain must learn from Trump to succeed

Trump has shown the way to defeat uninspiring centrism and British politics must do the same, writes Peter Divey
November 30, 2017

Trump and Twitter: the lesser of two evils

Trump’s use of Twitter allows him to circumvent mainstream media and offers some protection against their ability to dictate his image to their audience. Not without its shortcomings, as yesterday shows, it does have its value, says Peter Divey.
January 10, 2018

Trump is America’s Iron leader

Trump's resilience at facing off his critics is unparalleled, more than that: he seems to revel in their loathing. By drawing his opponents into his carefully choreographed ‘fog of war’, Peter Divey asks who is the real fool, the President or his detractors?
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