July 24, 2017


July 24, 2017

A quick UK-EU free trade deal is possible

Ben Somervell explains why a bilateral UK-EU free trade agreement need not take as long as previous European free trade agreements.
July 20, 2017

Aid spending is a weapon. Use it wisely.

British trade and aid are so often powerful forces for good in the world. But we risk facilitating grave human rights abuses unless we improve monitoring and control of exactly where our money goes, says James Sinclair.
July 14, 2017

Why I’m still positive on our post-EU trade

John Redwood discusses why he remains positive in his outlook for Britain’s international trade post-Brexit.
May 9, 2017

£100bn EU bill is codswallop

John Redwood discusses some of the fanciful figures that have recently intruded upon the political debate, including the proposed £100bn bill the UK is said to owe the EU.
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