December 11, 2016


December 11, 2016

Certainty and the dangers of conviction

Should politicians and the rest of us avoid convictions, seeing them instead as dangerous fantasies, or is conviction essential to leadership, action and public support?
December 9, 2016

Top five lessons from the Sleaford by-election

Peter Bingle sets out five important lessons we can take from the Sleaford & North Hykeham by-election.
December 5, 2016

UKIP’s no Five Star Movement

John Mills discusses the future of British politics, arguing UKIP lacks the coherent policy programme needed to attract a mass following and to capitalise on a Labour Party in disarray.
December 3, 2016

The future of left and right in a populist age

The Institute of Art and Ideas asks whether the traditional divide between left and right is defunct, and if the political landscape is set to become dominated by a choice between open and closed politics.
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