January 31, 2017

Foreign Affairs

January 31, 2017

Anti-Israeli boycotts are anti-Semitic

The excuses peddled by many of the organisations and groups that boycott Israel are nothing but a cloak with which to disguise their entrenched anti-Semitic views, says Tamir Wertzberger.
January 24, 2017

A new era in US foreign policy beckons

John Redwood sets out the significant US foreign policy changes we are likely to see during Trump’s Presidency.
December 15, 2016

The future of US-Cuba relations

Jack Rosen, President of the American Jewish Congress, explores Castro – the man behind the myth, and what his death means for US-Cuba relations.
November 28, 2016

Castro and the left’s collective denial

William Walter explores why left-wing extremists escape much of the vitriol and criticism their right-wing counterparts are subjected to.
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