August 14, 2017

Foreign Affairs

August 14, 2017

Corbyn’s fine on Venezuela

Jeremy Corbyn’s position on Venezuela is clear and principled. But, irrespective of the statement he delivers his critics will never be placated, says Will Singh.  
July 6, 2017

US-Russia ‘reset’ no easy task

Solutions to our geopolitical problems will not come easily, but face-to-face dialogue still matters, says Evgeny Pudovkin.  
July 3, 2017

Can Russia reform?

Evgeny Pudovkin examines plans to reboot the Russian economy and lead the motherland once more onto the path to prosperity.
April 14, 2017

Trump’s high stakes foreign policy bluff

Trump’s reticence may afford him short-term political advantage over his opponents, but uncertainty surrounding his long-term foreign policy objectives only hamper relations, writes Evgeny Pudovkin.
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