July 31, 2017

Crime & Justice

July 31, 2017

Government rebuked over Access to Justice

The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to overturn government legislation on mandatory tribunal fees represents a rare tangible victory for Britain’s workforce. But is this a fleeting breakthrough, or a concrete indication of future vindication, asks Glenn Houlihan?
July 18, 2017

Prosecute Blair for manslaughter

Richard Heller says it’s time Tony Blair faced prosecution for the common law offence of manslaughter. Doing so, he argues, would restore the principle of accountability in our public life.
July 7, 2017

Jihadi Jones deserves the death penalty

British jihadi Sally Jones wants to come back from ISIS, Andre Walker votes NO!
May 11, 2017

Education key to prisoner rehabilitation

Prisoner education programmes must form a central plank of the government’s prison reform strategy, says Ben Rochelle.
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